The Only Colour Correcting Palette Every Brown Girl Needs.



Colour correcting is all the rage. For newbies anyway. Chances are, if you’re a brown girl, you have in the past had hyperpigmentation spots that you scoured the interwebs diligently trying to find a way to camouflage. In that search you’ve probably come across makeup tips on how to do that, or mute the yellow in your skin tone and other things like that.

Somehow or the other this year, or late last year, colour correcting became a thing. So much so that all the the major cosmetics brands have debuted palettes to address colour correcting. Tarte has one, so does Stila, Becca has individual colour pots, and I’m sure in the coming months there will be many others.

I gave every last one of those others the side eye and kept on trucking with my BH colour wheel, cause if we’re going to be keeping it real (and I always do) all those palettes focus on colour correcting for light skin tones. So once again, if you’re medium-dark to darker skinned, you’ve been left out of the conversation entirely, which is truly ironic considering that darker skin is usually the one more in need of colour correction due to uneven tones and hyperpigmentation. Then Sephora and Pantone went and became super heroes.

Cause here’s what they did. Instead of just one blanket palette for everyone, they created two. One with colours specifically for fair to light skin tones, and another for medium to dark skin tones. But you know what, they didn’t even stop there. All the other palettes have four to five colours, Sephora’s? Has fifteen. 15. And honestly, it costs about the same price as the others that clock in between $42 and $44, at $49.

I’m sure you guys are familiar with the Sephora+Pantone Universe packaging, it’s pretty much the same every year, the only thing that changes usually is the colour. This year the colour is white. And just a note about the palettes and lip colours this year. Dude…everything was pastel. Yup. Pastel. Not really sure what they were thinking, but ya’ll can miss me with that. Pastel. Really?!

Anywhoo, the colour correcting palette almost makes up for the pastel debacle, just don’t let it happen again Sephora.



Ok, so here’s the other awesome thing about this palette. If you’re completely new to colour correcting, Sephora does not leave you hanging. Inside of the package there’s not only step by step instruction on how to do it, in the Medium-Dark kit that I got, it tells you exactly what which colours do and on which skin tones. How to take care of dullness, hyperpigmentation and everything in between.They wrote you an instruction booklet people.





Not only are there colour correctors in this palette, but under eye highlighters, a ton of concealer colours and about three or four shades that I, with my medium brown self, can use as contour colours.





The consistency is very creamy and blendable  on most of the shades. A few have a stiffer consistency, but are still very soft and blendable. Because of that, when you first apply, you have to give it a minute or so for it to set on your face otherwise your foundation application will shift it. These are also highly, highly pigmented. I was so tempted to get a backup of this because I’m not sure if this will become permanent or not, I doubt it. But then I realised that because of how creamy the shades are when I use up the colours that I most likely to use first, like those orange and papaya shades, I can recreate them with the colours that are left. Plus they’re so pigmented that you only need very little to work with. Swatches below.

IMAG3136_1 (2)

IMAG3138 (2)

IMAG3141 (2)




This palette is an almost completely warm palette with the exception of Chicory Coffee, Pecan Brown and Rawhide which are all neutral and Mocha Bisque which is very cool. But you can always mix each colour with others to create a warmer or more neutral shade.


Final Thoughts.

If you’re anything like me, and your complexion changes drastically throughout the course of the year, you definitely need this palette in your life. It will be your everything, trust me. I love that this palette will work for even the darkest among us, I may be using Chicory Coffee as a contour, but someone else will see use out of it as a concealer. And while I’ll only use Picante or Goji Berry mixed with something else to recreate a lighter peach for colour correcting, someone a few shades darker than I am will use both to colour correct.

I’m so thankful to Sephora+Pantone universe for taking the time to actually create two palettes for everyone, and not just some. And that they included step by step instructions and explanations of what colours do what for which complexions.

So, if you’ve been wanting to try the colour correcting rage, and you do trust me, it makes your foundation look better, and cuts down on the amount of both foundation and concealer that you use, look no farther than this kit right here. It’s $49, but it has everything you need and will take you throughout the year without missing a beat.

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