The One Where Sunday Riley’s Tinted Primer is This Brown Girls Dream Come True.



Listen, if I’ve ever met a tinted primer before, it wasn’t  good enough for me to remember it. This thing here though? Everything.

I’d come across the Sunday Riley line a while back, but I was mostly interested in the skin care items, particularly the Ceramic Slip Cleanser so somehow or the other I missed the cosmetics. When I finally wound up getting the cleanser about two months ago, I came across Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer and I was enamoured enough with the idea that I picked it up.

About that Ceramic Slip cleanser though…unless you have extreeeemly oily skin? Don’t even do it to yourself. One wash with it at the end of a very long and greasy day, netted me a week of having to do repair in the way of adding moisture back into my skin. No Nope. Nuh-uh. In any case, I’ve crossed off almost all the skin care from my list, just reading the ingredients on the ones that I did want to try, convinced me that I’m be buying a plane ticket to cystic acne land and booking an extended stay. Too expensive.

Back to this baby though, it costs more than most primers at $48 for an ounce, and it comes in three shades, Light, Medium and Deep. Now, just because it says deep, don’t go envisioning some chocolaty formulation, it’s more of a darkened tan than anything else. But, because it’s not meant to function as a foundation or tinted moisturiser, it’s quite forgiving.





Because Sunday Riley is first and foremost a skin care line, it’s also packed with a bunch of goodies for the skin. From the website;

Oil-free, oxygen-rich Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer is a multi-purpose wonder! Rejuvenox keeps this perfecting primer completely ventilated and drenched in oxygen. Sheer, porcelain-smooth coverage can be worn alone for a hint of colour and even-toned radiance or layered under Sunday Riley foundation to extend the wear.

REJUVENOX – Oxygenates the skin, and increases moisture levels. Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and mild anti-acne effect.SODIUM HYALURONATE – A humectant that draws water to the skin. Skin has less wrinkles and all-around fuller appearance. Also keeps the primer fresh all day long.GLYCERIN – Natural ingredient that attracts water to skin.MICA – Sheer natural mineral that reflects light for more radiant skin.NYLON – 12-Reduces shine and feels silky ̧ does not settle in lines.PEPTIDE COMPLEX – Increases skin elasticity and tone by increasing collagen. For once, everything in that little blurb can be trusted. Not only will it even out your skin tone, so that you can wear  it alone, but when you use it as a primer, it does actually extend the wear to infinity and beyond. I’ve worn this on a rainy humid day and my foundation did not slip or fade one bit. I’ve been wearing it with just concealer and finishing powder on the mornings that I have to get up at 3:30, and even when I don’t go back to sleep when I get home usually around 12, it’s still going strong.

In addition to evening out the skin, it also adds a bit of a glow that can be seen, but only if worn alone and not under foundation. I’m not sure if you can tell from the pictures above, but my hands were ridiculously dry that day. If you look, at the second picture you’ll see that the section where I’ve blended the primer looks moisturised and more even.


Final Thoughts.

This primer pretty much had me sold at go, and to add to my excitement, it has a peachy gold undertone to the tint. It does everything that it’s supposed to and then some. The only hiccup for me is that pump can tend to dispense way more that I need to use even on it’s own, and I use it enough that I’m likely run out soon. But hey, it’s worth it, so I most def will be picking up another when I run out. Seriously, this is the primer that I made up in my head a long time ago, come to life.

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