The Luxury Makeup Rampage Continues With Chantecaille



I got the Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation because I’d heard nothing but seriously excellent things about it. But legit? When I first tried it, I friggin hated it with a cold a brittle passion, because it seemed it had no coverage whatsoever. I did a “Yo, are you frigging kidding me right now? For $76 this is what I effing get”?

Then I calmed the hell down, and decided to work with what I had, so to speak.

So this foundation comes in fourteen shades, which is pretty impressive because there are more than just three dark shades which is kind of the norm these days. My shade is Banana which is described as a medium dark with golden undertones, but there are darker shades like Carob and Suntan, plus a few lighter shades than Banana like Shea, Sand, Wheat and Hazel which look to be brown girl friendly as well.

As I said, when I first tried this I was not impressed with it in the least, because coverage issues. I could still see my hyperpigmentation spots peeking out, and the uneven tone around my mouth. Then it occurred to me that um…your foundation? Really shouldn’t make you look like you’re wearing any. I decided to really test this bad boy out, like put it through the paces and colour correct like I’ve started doing almost every time I wear foundation.

The foundation is packaged in Chantecaille’s pretty light purple boxing, and comes in a heavy round glass jar with a silver cover. I purchased most of my haul from SpaceNK and Net-A-Porter, and because the foundation comes in a jar, it’s also supposed to have a spatula included. Mine didn’t, but that’s ok, since I have loads of those little spatula thingies. As a confirmed germaphobe though, I would have been horrified had I had to repeatedly put my fingers into that jar to scoop out product.






This oil free gel formula is light as a feather, seriously, I never feel it on my face. True to description, Banana is a medium dark with very golden undertones, this picture is slightly over-exposed so it looks a bit lighter than it is in reality.



The coverage, although easily built up, never really gets beyond a light medium even with concealer and colour corrector. But, it evens out the skin and doesn’t look as if you’re wearing anything at all. If you already have great or in my case decent skin, this will be perfect for you. If you have blemishes or acne marks that can’t be hidden with concealer, or if you just prefer a full finish look, then this isn’t going to be the best for you.

The wear time though is excellent, I put it through the paces and it lasted all day without breaking down on me at all. When I wanted a more complete looking coverage, I colour corrected, used concealer and finished off with the Chantecaille Talc Free Loose Powder in Shadow. One of the reasons that most of my Chantecaille purchases happened from SpaceNK was due to the fact that this particular shade was only to be found there. When I purchased everything a few months ago, there were three shades, Light, Subtle and Shadow. As of today however, Shadow is no longer available anywhere is seems.

I absolutely love the packaging for this, it’s a weighty silver screw top tub, that comes with a puff and best of all a sifter!






$65 will get you 1.2oz of product, and Shadow, the darkest shade of all three powders, will suit medium to medium deep complexions since it’s has little to no colour making it quite flexible. The powder has light reflecting particles that add a subtle luminosity to the skin while it controls oil and makes the foundation underneath last.

The only product that I purchased from Barney’s was the Real Skin Translucent Makeup, and for some reason I was only able to get the refill of the product which is ok since it cost $45 instead of $69 for the complete compact. Although I love the silver compact, let me tell you…I’m really happy that I got the refill for a couple of reasons.






First, this thing has absolutely no coverage at all. Like…At. All. I got the darkest shade Vibrant, and the undertones are pinky-red, never a good look for me. I purchased it because one of the few Benefit products that I like is Some Kinda Gorgeous, you can throw it on and just run out of the house with nothing else on your face. It’s light coverage that evens out the skin and does in fact, make you look gorgeous. It’s goof proof really. I figured this was similar.

I was wrong. Just on the strength of the undertones alone, I was wrong. The undertones seriously confused me too because Chantecaille is a brand known for it’s mostly yellow or warm undertoned products. I will concede however, that it can be used as a base for other products. If you have a foundation that’s a bit too dark, you can use this underneath to lighten it some, or use it under a darker (more yellow/gold in my case) powder if you’re in something of a rush. I couldn’t find any other colours other than Vibrant and Light, and only at Barney’s, so I think this is being discontinued so it my complaints may be a moot point.


Final Thoughts.

The jury is still out on how I really feel about Chantecaille, at the moment I’m pretty meh about it.

While I like the Future Skin Foundation, I’m not awed by it, and I have to force myself to reach for it. The Loose powder is lovely, and I definitely reach for the more, but the Translucent Makeup is a serious no go. I also purchased some other Chantecaille products that I haven’t used as yet, we’ll see if that raises my estimation of the brand any at all.

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