Tarte Rainforest of The Sea Drench Lip Splash Lipstick.



I’m not the hugest fan of Tarte lip products. I find that a lot of times the textures are so thick that they can come off looking rather clayish. Which is a good and bad thing. Good cause that means that they have a lot of coverage. But bad in that the high coverage can make them look unnatural and not only cakey, but collect in the creases of the lips.

I mainly got these lipsticks because they were matte. I got Happy, a rose shade and Beach Bum a dark nude. I kid you not, they have Beach Bum described as a dark nude, and Skinny Dip described as a white nude. Right?!?! I was tempted to get Skinny Dip just to see, but the swatch on the site convinced me that yes, it was indeed a white nude that would do my complexion no favours.



Like the rest of the Rainforest line, the packaging for this looks very high end and colourful. The overall colour scheme once again is gold, and both ends of the tube are gradient shades of deep purple and deep pink with more emphasis on purple this time around. However, when I first got them and held the box and then the lipsticks themselves in my hand, I was struck by just how light and plasticky they felt. They look great, but feel like something that I would get at a drug store. There was absolutely no heft of weight to go along with the looks of it.

Another reason for that very light feeling? You get about an inch of product for $22. This tube of lipstick is almost literally all tube and with a bit of lippie thrown in as a distraction from the pretty it seems. Additionally, width-wise they’re quite thin, cutting down even more on the amount of product that you get. If you really liked one of these colours enough to anoint it HG and wore it daily, you’d likely be replacing it every two weeks or so. That really pissed me off let me tell you, because I felt quite ripped off and judging from some of the reviews on the Tarte site (that have since been removed, ever wonder why everything on the site has such high marks? There ya go!), I wasn’t the only one that felt that way.





The pictures above shows the lipstick bullet in it’s entirety, and I promise you when I first opened them I just sort of sat staring at them for a minute, trying to sort through the feelings of disappointment, incredulity and pissivity (not a word, I know).

Once I got past all of that to swatch them, the colours were absolutely gorgeous. I instantly fell in love with Beach Bum, and it is a true, natural looking on dark skin, nude. Happy took a bit for me to warm up to as it was a lot brighter and more cool toned than I had anticipated, however I noticed that after I had worn in for about ten minutes it warmed up considerably on my skin.



Tarte doesn’t make any claims as to the longevity of this lipstick, only that it is full coverage. It is in fact full coverage with one application. Unlike other Tarte lippies, I didn’t find this to be clayish looking in the least with either colour. As for longevity? They could have done better. This is a true, comfortable matte. Like the BH cosmetics matte lipsticks, it applies creamy and in a few seconds dries down to a matte finish that isn’t drying at all. Unlike the BH mattes which transfer everywhere like crazy but will never look like it and last all day even with eating, drinking and talking, I only got about four hours of wear from these, just from talking and I knew when they disappeared from my lips without looking because I could feel it happening.

pictures below wearing Beach Bum and Happy;




Final Thoughts.

As you can see, Beach Bum is a perfect dark skinned nude, and Happy is a just a generally gorgeous colour. But I really am on the fence about keeping them. The amount of product that you get is a bit dismal, couple that with the poor lasting power and you start to wonder if you’re the newest sucker born, so really you’re just paying for the name then? I’m quite tempted to send these back and get some more BH mattes, because I really don’t think these are worth the price, pretty colours aside.

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