Tarte Double Duty Beauty Eye & Cheek Palette.



This is the only item that I’d picked up from the Double Duty line. If you remember I’d said that I didn’t care for most of the line, and I don’t but these two little palettes were just so cute that I couldn’t resist. The one that I got, Sultry Star Power, I chose simply because the blush looked doable for my skin tone. I wasn’t really sold on the colours in the palette, but as usual Tarte outfoxed me with their eye shadows.

The Double Duty Beauty collection can be summed up in one phrase. Two in one. Everything in the line is designed to do at least two things, and in the case of the palettes, has both eye and cheek shades. This line is also an Ulta exclusive, found on Ulta.com and in stores.



Sultry Star Power as I said I got because of the blush shade. The eye colours aren’t bad, but I do prefer the one in the Classic Courage palette that I’m still debating on whether or not I want. The packaging for these palettes in just about the only thing that I liked in this collection, Sultry Star Power is a deep purple with a magnetised closure and a gold plaque with Tarte embossed onto it. Classic Courage is Gold with a with the same gold clasp. It boasts room for five shadows with a full sized blush,  and is gorgeously compact, while still managing to feel very weighty and lux with it’s vegan leather casing. It also comes with a very handy look insert to give you some ideas as to how to pair shadows if you’re new to the game.




This is definitely a more neutral palette, the colours are pigmented as per Tarte, but they’re wearable everyday colours that all skin tones can use easily. It really is a very complete palette with a large mirror and two matte transition shades that are variations on one colour with a greyed out taupe in Ladies Night, and Twilight a grey brown. Two shimmer/satin shades are also included in the shades with Sparks Fly, and a very reflective champagne beige in Glimmer. The shades are rounded out with Stiletto, a matte black with silver reflects that can be blended out if so desired. Completing the palette is the titular Star Power, a neutral rose mauve blush with gold shimmer so light, that it doesn’t photograph.

Swatches below from left to right; Sparks Fly, Ladies Night, Glimmer, Twilight, Stiletto, Star Power.



I did try to get some looks for you guys, I’m just not sure how well they came out since my face including my eyelids are a mess right now because of the pollen, but here ya go. For some reason, the blush doesn’t seem to show up as well on camera as it does in real life, just trust me that it is seriously, seriously pigmented and complements my skin tone very well. First up, pictures of the blush.



I used pretty much all the colours from the palette here, they’re so similar that they’re almost indistinguishable which is one of the reasons I didn’t want this particular palette. But, in the end the similarity of the colours simplifies using them.




Final Thoughts.

I enjoyed this palette a lot more than I thought I would, the colours aren’t particularly my style but they’re super easy to work with and kind of goof proof. I think it’s a really good value so much so that I’m likely going to get Classic Courage as well, that way I’ll at least have the colours and the blush that I want.

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