Soap & Glory Glow All Out Illuminating Finishing Powder, Plus Too Faced Candlelight Glow In Warm Glow.



I’ve never tried any Soap & Glory products. They’re like the British drugstore version of Benefit with a very retro look and feel, and colour wise, they’re about as inclusive it seems. In any case it was there and at only $15 each, I had a hard time choosing between this, and two blushes from the brand. Since I’m rapidly becoming a finishing powder/highlighter fiend I went with this.

According to the brand, this is a super illuminating powder. You an use it as an all over finishing powder or as a highlighter. It’s a peachy coloured powder and I was really surprised as the amount that I got for the price. It’s about as big the Too Faced Candlelight powder, which I also go, but has .04oz less product.



Like most British/European products in the foundation and powder category, I found this to be very very subtle. I don’t think that I realised just how subtle it was till I swatched it next to the Too Faced Candlelight powder. It blends well and easily. Because of how subtle it is, there’s very little room for error. That swatch below is heavily heavily applied.



This was meant to be post about the Soap & Glory powder, but just for fun, I’m going to add the Too Faced Candlelight powder in Warm Glow as well since I’ve been talking about it. I loved the original Absolutely Invisible Candlelight powder. It was great for an all over glow as well as highlighting, although because it was so shimmery, it was easy to go overboard. When they discontinued it in favour of the duo powder, I kept meaning to get it, but the pink part of that powder made me hesitate. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to use it as an all over powder because of the pink in it.

When the Warm Glow debuted earlier this year I knew there was a reason why I’d waited. This powder is also a duo, but the pink section has been replaced by a peachy gold shade.




This is really good for highlighting. As with the original powder, it’s easy to get carried away when using it as an all over powder though, it’s just not at all subtle and that’s not my thing, if it is however your thing, have at it. Swatches below.



For an all over glowing effect, I definitely prefer the Soap & Glory powder, it adds just the right amount of natural looking glow. It’s pretty good for highlighting as well, but if I want a stronger, more noticeable highlight (which I almost never do), I’d reach for the Candlelight. The first picture below is me wearing the Soap & Glory as an all over powder. Look at dat glo doh! The second is the Too Faced Candlelight, peachy gold section as a highlighter.



Final Thoughts.

Both of these are very good highlighters , depending on what you’re looking to accomplish. Personally I prefer the Soap & Glory, but you guys know my stance on how I wear may makeup. If you can tell, I’m doing it wrong. For me, at $15 the Soap & Glory is also better value, but once again, it depends on your preference. if like me you prefer a more subtle approach, then the Glow All Up powder is for you, if you want something a bit more dramatic, then go with Too Faced. Or hell, they’re both very pretty girls, get em both!

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