Skincare Obsessions: Cleansing Oils.



Recently I tried two cleansing oils. I’ve wanted one for a while now, mostly because I was curious. You guys know that I use olive oil to first cleanse the dirt and makeup off my face and then I go in with a face wash to complete the job. You also know that I’m pretty damn lazy, so I wanted something that would cut that time in half. A built in wash in my face oil, I’ve tried to do it before and the results were not good. Trust me, you haven’t experienced pain until you have an oil and soap mix in you eyes that you can’t wash out.

The problem that I was coming across was that most of the cleansing oils that I saw usually had a heavy amount of Shea or coconut oils and that, for me, is a trip to break out city. I decided to go with a brand that I’ve loved for a while, and another that I’m rapidly falling in love with.


Fresh Seaberry Nutrition Cleansing Oil $42.

Of course the first route that I went was Fresh, I think I was anxiously awaiting this one really. It’s a continuation of the Sea Buckthorn oil line. For $42 you get 5.1oz of product. It comes in a brown plastic bottle with a pump that you can open and close, and it has the same smell as the Sea Buckthorn Moisturising Oil that some people are going to find off-putting.




So how this works is that you use the oil to clear off all the makeup and whatever else you have on your face, then you use warm water to emulsify it and it suds! Then you wash it off and, presto, dunzo! I use cold water to wash my face, that’s essential to keeping pores closed, so I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t get the emulsifying aspect without it. The first time I used it I happened to have just finished boiling and purifying water, so I was able to see how this performed in it’s natural habitat. The second time I just used my regular cold water. Both times it emulsified, although the first was much better.

But I don’t like this cleansing oil. Both times, using warm and cold water to rinse off, I was left with a film on my skin that not only felt gross, but inhibited my serum and moisturiser from absorbing well. Also, it doesn’t have enough slip to it, when I was rubbing it on my face, it felt almost like a dry oil, as if it were trying to absorb and couldn’t so it kept hitching in places, and it didn’t remove my mascara very well. I used this for about a week with the same results, so eventually I just took it back.


Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil $48.




This I got around the same time that I got the Rice Powder exfoliator. This is only a few dollars more than the Fresh, and you get the same amount. There’s a faintly flowery smell, but it’s unobtrusive and fades rather quickly, I don’t even notice it anymore. It works the same way as the Fresh one does, with a couple pretty big exceptions. It does suds more than the Fresh does in both warm and cold water.

But the big deal that makes this the winner over Fresh is that it rinsed clean, no film or residue. It also applied well, not like a dry oil. A great aspect of this cleansing oil is that it also has some brightening properties, when I’m done using it, my face looks a wee bit brighter, and it removed all of my makeup completely including mascara.


Ciate London Makeup Melter Murumuru Makeup Remover Balm $20.

Untitled 1


This isn’t technically an oil cleanser, but since it’s an oil balm that removes makeup I wanted to include it. I decided to include it because there are a bunch of these floating around out there and this is probably the cheapest I’ve seen so far. Murumuru is a butter that is a lot like Shea butter, but found in Brazilian rainforests. Like Shea, it’s very heavy and needs to be used sparingly. I didn’t know what it was before I bought this.

When I first opened this looks like a hard balm, put simply sticking a finger in it breaks the surface easily. You then scoop the balm out, and it softens on contact. You rub it all over and then wipe it off and wash your face. Makeup gone, it works really well, removing everything including mascara with ease.

The reason that I felt the need to include this is because it’s cheap, and I know someone of my sensitive skin chicks might be looking at this as an alternative to the higher priced numbers. Don’t. Seconds after contact my skin started tingling, and then burning. Even though I washed my face immediately, it left a film that I couldn’t seem to get off, even though I washed about three more times. Finally my skin started burning and I had some lovely red blotches on my face. Eventually the burning faded, but the next day I woke up to the beginnings of some cystic acne bumps. Luckily there were only about four of them, and they went away relatively quickly with no scaring, but still. If you have sensitive skin, give this one a pass.


Final Thoughts.

So of all those three the only one that I can recommend is the Tatcha one. I’ve had no adverse effects from using it and it does it’s job well. It’s pretty expensive at almost $50, and I use too much so I’ll have to replace it often, but I’m willing to pay premium for my skin to stay safe.

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