Sephora Colourful Blushes and Mini Haul



You know how sometimes you go to Sephora to return something and end up walking out with a buttload of stuff that costs way more than the things that were going to return? Stop lying, I know, know, that I’m not the only one so please…

So you walk in with the things you to want to return, and you’re already in a pretty great mood, for once they’re playing something that you can actually groove to? So you start to do a little shimmy up and down the aisles (ok, maybe that’s just me). Then you start to think ok, maybe I’ll just exchange, not return right? So you start looking for blushes to replace the crap Kat Von D ones you just bought, and some kindly associate directs you to some Sephora ones, and what do ya know? You’re actually digging them right?

All of a sudden, oohhh! A pretty palette catches your eye cause it’s all purple and stuff…



And you’re like, just the blushes and the palette right? Cause you’re already over what you paid for the KVD blushes, and you don’t want to really spend more money…but, damn you kinda feel like t have to get that Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder cause you’ve really been wanting it, and you have like an hour before you have to meet your husband so, ya know…




But ok, that’s the absolute last thing you’re picking up cause this is getting a little bit ridiculous, I mean you came to return stuff for cripes sakes! So you get on The Gauntlet line, and it’s long so you amuse yourself by looking at all the cute little minis…and, oh wow! Isn’t that the Thatcha Rice Powder you’ve been wanting to try in a travel size? And well, you need a new serum and everyone says that this May Coop Raw Sauce is so much better than the Shu Uemura one…


Quite conveniently forgetting that Asian Skin Care and your skin do not mesh…

That’s flippin’ it! Nothing else cause…um…ohhh a travel size Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder? Jackie Aina swears by that and you’ve been wanting to try that Smashbox Water Primer, a travel size seems like a good compromise to trying it out yeah? Plus, it’s right there!



Dear friends, Sephora is the devil and that damn check out line is it’s minion. I really meant to  just return those blushes, and wound up walking out of there almost $200 lighter. I blame the husband, if I hadn’t been waiting for him to leave work, none of that would have happened. It’s all his fault.

Anywhoo, I did wind up getting three pretty spectacular blushes from the Sephora Collection. I chose super bright colours because I was sort of in the mood for that after the disappointment of the KVD ones.



I am, and have been a fan of Sephora blushes for a long while. They’ve really never failed me, no matter the finish and I think for the price point of $14, they deliver a lot better than a lot of more expensive ones that I’ve used.

Sephora claims that these are long lasting and I can’t disagree, they’re also very pigmented and a light hand is recommended when using them. The colours that I got were

No. 10, Oh My Gosh!, a coral red matte shade.




No. 17 Hello Jealousy! A matte hot pink




No. 13 Hot Flush, a satin mango shade.




This shade is my absolute favourite, I got it even though I was sure it wouldn’t show up on me because it veers very close to a peach. But when I swatched it in store, I didn’t care I had to have it, even if I brought it home just to stare at it (yes, I have a problem clearly). I was thrilled when it showed up really well on me and looked so natural.



These lasted all day on me, and my day started at around 8am and ended a little bit after 10pm when I took y face off. There are 23 colours in this range that cater to all skin tones, I promise everyone will be able to find something that suits them. In addition the range also includes blushes, highlighters and contour colours. To clarify though, these aren’t technically new, they’ve just been revamped, which is not a bad thing since the one before where good, bit not great.

The texture has also been reformulated, the powders are now not only softer, but firmer and they no longer kick up dust. As I said they are extremely pigmented, but not at the cost of a huge mess when you use them.


Final Thoughts.

These are really and truly a great alternative to higher priced blushes. Had you asked a year ago if these blushes were any good, I may have steered you in the direction of another brand. However, after this revamp, I don’t think that there should be any apprehension when deciding to get one or ten of the shades. I personally plan to pick up a few more, since I think they can give a few higher end blushes a run for the money. Now if only they would revamp their cream formula.

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