Pur’s Absolutely Brilliant New Strobing Palette.



So we’re still calling over highlighting ourselves strobing then? Hmm, okie dokie.

Well, for those of us that like to pretend as if we’re an understudy for a disco ball, Pur Cosmetics has got you covered.

This is my first item from the brand and I gotta say man, kind of impressed. Technically, this is another of the items from my Ulta platinum haul. But, when it got to me, the mirror of my compact was cracked and one of the colours had a huge gouge in it from…something. So I sent it back and I didn’t bother to reorder it because I noticed that Beauty Bay was having a buy one get 50% off on Pur. I almost got both of the colours that this comes in, but figured that would be something of a waste, besides which there’s something else that I’d been looking at since the holiday season but never got.

I was a bit leery of getting it because Pur is supposedly a green, all natural brand, and those are the ones which generally set my skin to breaking out five different damn ways, particularly cream and liquid products. But it was just so pretty!

The two shades that this comes in Moonlight Stroll and Sun Kissed Glow. The one that I got, Sunkissed Glow, is the warmer of the two. The packaging is a gorgeously heavy oxblood aluminium palette trimmed in gold and very slim and chic. It has a full length mirror running the width of the palette, and the sizes of the pans are a lot large than I was expecting them to be. Each pan on it’s own is about the size of a Tarte blush. Just square.





I almost got both shades but at the last minute changed my mind, and I’m happy that I did because that middle shade gives my world light. The first shade is a champagne gold, the middle is a peach and the last is a golden bronze. They apply like a frikkin dream, I was completely unprepared for all that beauty on my face. They also lasted well into my…morning. I wore it on one of those days that I have where I don’t sleep. Like at all. And even with some face touching, it lasted from about one the previous afternoon, till after six the following morning when I finally washed all my makeup off. It was a trying day.



These swatches are heavily applied, as they’re very subtle, but wonderfully buildable not to mention easily layered. I almost want to get the other one now just to see how it would look layered with this one. It smells faintly of vanilla or some other warm comfy scent, and I’m pleased to report no breakouts.

Final Thoughts.

This is a very nice highlighter palette, I’m really happy that there are two versions so that warm and cool toned ladies can all find something to suit them. At $28, it’s a pretty good value as well. Because of how sheer these initially go on, I think that either palette will suit just about anyone, so pick whichever catches your fancy, or if you don’t care about Beauty Bay’s sucky shipping or feel like paying for express or tracked shipping from the UK, you can have both on a bogo!

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