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Have you guys ever heard of Pinrose?

Well neither had I up until a few months ago, so let me introduce you, I promise you won’t regret it. But first a disclaimer. You lot know that when I’m passionate about or really love something, these posts get rather long-ish, so get a drink or something and read on.

So far as fragrances are concerned, I’m a one fragrance kind of gal. Maybe two, if I’m feeling adventurous and want to switch it up from season to season. But generally speaking, it’s mostly one for at least nine months out of the year, and then another for the summer.

Since it’s debut in Sephora in 2009 I think, Hello Kitty has been my go to fragrance all year round. Trust me, no one was more surprised than I was. I’m a Hello Kitty fanatic, so I bought the entire line including the cute rollerball of the fragrance when it debuted just from a collectors standpoint. Imagine my surprise when I fell in love with it? It was discontinued about two years ago and when I say that I went to my local Sephora and cleaned them out, best believe it. I bought every rollerball and the last two full sized bottles they had in store because apparently I wasn’t the only one obsessed. But now, I’m down to my last half bottle and I’ve been panicking.

Over the last year I’ve been trying desperately to find a new scent. But, I am extremely, extremely picky about my scents. I found one from Atelier, but it’s a little bit too strong for wearing any time other than summer. I also hate, overly musky, flowery or powdery scents, they literally stop my breath. I tried a few of the Hermes Jardin fragrances and while they smelled great in the bottle? The dry down scent on my skin when it interacted with my body chemistry literally made me nauseous. I tried Bvlgari Au The Vert and Blanc and the alcohol content of both was just overbearing, and both dried down very powdery. Honestly, most perfumes that are sold for women on the US market are just so strong, they give me headaches. Most lack subtlety.

Shopping for scents is not something I care to do, so when I find something that reacts well to my body chemistry that my sensitive nose can tolerate for an entire day? I tend to stick with it. Plus I often have really bad reactions to most perfumes, itching, burning, angry red welts on my pulse-points. I even got pneumonia once from breathing in Lolita Lempicka too long. In any case, back to my panicking.

I’ve been searching like mad to find a new scent, and I’ve looked high and low. I even spent over an hour in Sephora trying to find one, at a point I had three different SA’s helping me at once. I searched a few online sites and one of them that I came across was Pinrose. I’m not quite sure how I heard about it, it may have been a magazine, but I was intrigued because the scents seemed rather unique, and I loved the simplicity of the packaging.

At the time they had ten scents, each costing $55 for 1oz each. But, they also had little sachets of perfume wipes. For $24 you get the Pinrose Parfum A-Go-Go, which is a cute little zippered bag containing two wipes of each scent for a total of twenty, so you can figure out what works for you before you commit. They also have a quiz on the Pinrose website that you can use to  determine which fragrance would likely suite your personality. I’d meant to go back and get it, you guys know I take forever to decide on something, but as by that point the wedding preparations had taken over my life, I forgot about it.

Then about a week ago, a PR rep contacted me about the launch of two new fragrances and the debut of the entire line at Sephora. The two new scents would be Sephora exclusives, Gilded Fox and Wild Child. She asked would I be interested in trying and reviewing these new scents, and obviously I told her I would be thrilled! Talk about serendipity.



First of all, when I read the scent notes of both I sort of lost my mind a little bit. Both had notes that I absolutely love. How was I ever going to make up my mind?

The first one that I tried was Gilded Fox. Based on the description, this was the one that I was most interested in.



This has very strong top notes of Cocoa, with a middle note of Buttered Rum and base notes of Vetiver. The dry down to the mid notes on both fragrances is about 4-6 hours, and gilded fox is a very warm overall fragrance. I really hesitate to call them perfumes because they’re more pure than a traditional perfume in it’s scent nature. The alcohol content seems to be either non-existent or very low because I can’t at all detect it and I usually can. Even my Hello Kitty when I first apply it the alcohol is quite obvious to me. Because of that, the lasting time of these fragrances are quite literally till you wash them off. While I find it Gilded Fox to be a very lovely fragrance, it just didn’t speak to me, which was a bit disappointing because I felt for sure that this would be the one.

The Second scent, Wild Child was only mildly interesting to me when I read the notes. The gardenia, jasmine and plumeria struck me as being too flowery for my tastes, even though Chanel’s Gardenia is my favourite perfume of all time, the original not the redux ones. While jasmine is hands down a favourite scent of mine that I use in all my body oil mixes, I don’t normally care for plumeria very much as I find it can be a bit powdery if not balanced correctly.



So why the lack of interest then? I’ve never come across one company that was able to blend floral fragrances successfully. Having a very sensitive nose is a curse. They’ve always always smelled very chemically or powdery. Until now.

Here’s what happened when I first put this on. I fell in love. Unequivocally, in love with Wild Child. Ironic I know, considering. The top scents of Gardenia and Jasmine transported me into fond memories.  It was at once like meeting an old friend that I haven’t seen in a very long time, and didn’t realise that I’d missed.

I want to cocoon myself in this fragrance, sleep in it. Although it’s summer, this brings to mind the slightly chilly evening of an NYC Autumn for me. Walking downtown from Hunter to the Union Square Q train station via Broadway, wearing my favourite brown and red legacy Pumas. Headphones in, blaring something or the other, oblivious to the world around me. This fragrance feels comfortable and familiar, like something once well loved but forgot. I’ve finally found my fragrance. Not really sure what I’ll do if this ever gets discontinued, there’s a distinct probability that I’ll give up on life altogether.

There are ten other fragrances in the line, virtually ensuring that everyone can find something to suit their tastes. I had every intention of going out to Sephora to check the others out, some of them sounded really promising, like Garden Gangster and Treehouse Royal those fresh, earthy scents that I prefer. But now? Not going to do that because, confusion and indecision will happen or more like, a collection will start when I’m unable to make up my mind.

One of the more unique aspects of Pinrose fragrances is this; They’re meant to be layered. Yes, you can create your very own unique combo with two or more. I did that with the two I was sent and you’d think that it would be overpowering and just too much, but it surprisingly was not. You guys should head to your closest Sephora to check them out, and to help you decide just which ones you’d like to layer, I’m including a list of the different fragrances as well as their notes and suggested pairings, just click on any link to take you to


Cuddle Punk.

Cuddle Punk


Garden Gangster.

Garden Gangster


Gilded Fox.

Gilded Fox


Merry Maker.

Merry Maker


Pillowtalk Poet.

Pillowtalk Poet





Secret Genius.

Secret Genious


Tambourine Dreamer.

Tambourine Dreamer


Treehouse Royal.

Treehouse Royal


Wild Child.

Wild Child


And Of course if like me you’re incredibly indecisive, you can always get the Parfum A-Go-Go.



Final Thoughts.

Despite Wild Child being described as a playful, flirty fragrance, I find it to be rather sensual and a moody sort of sexy. The Gardenia adds a bit of maturity and sophistication to it, while Jasmine evokes a mysterious sensuality. Plumeria chimes in at the end with a shy flirtation, that is not at all powdery thank goodness. I do wish all those months ago when I had gone to Sephora searching for a scent to wear on my wedding day, this had been around, ah well it’s here now and I couldn’t be happier but I’m still a bit desperate to try Treehouse Royal and Garden Gangster. But Wild Child, yes, this is my fragrance.

Pinrose Launces at Sephora officially in stores on March 20th, but is available online now. Go get yours!

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