Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Colour Collection.



Good morning beauties! And I do mean morning, since I’m writing this the day of at about 9:30am. I’m finally (mostly) able to sit up now, although not for very long stretches. Can I just tell you though? I never realised just how many things you use your back for till this little incident. I’m for real about to get into the gym with the quickness to do some back training exercises because the last week has been frustratingly frustrating.

Anywhoo, I have such a pile of stuff to review for you guys, and I feel like I’ve reached a huge saturation point with my make up, so much so that I need to get rid of most of it, and pare it down to the things that I truly love. That’s gonna be hard for me since I can’t stand to part with my crap. But that’s a story for another day, on to the review.

So Philosophy, yeah? I hear people rave about Philosophy products all the time, and I tried a few of them years ago when I was looking for a new moisturiser, but they did absolutely nothing for me. I had bought a few things with my platinum perk coupon a couple weeks back, but was unsatisfied with them. I didn’t’ want to return because then it would have screwed up my platinum for 2016 so I went trolling the Ulta site for possibilities.

When I saw the Take A Deep Breath colour line, I was intrigued. The line boasts a cushion foundation, a liquid illuminator and four cushion blushes. I picked up the illuminator and foundation, I didn’t get any of the blushes because everything is numbered with no shade descriptions, and aren’t available at my local Ulta as yet so I can’t really see the colours.

First off, lemme tell you, I chose my foundation shade on a whim and prayer. Because once again, numbers with no shade descriptions. The foundation comes in nine shades, because I’m usually the lightest of the dark shades or the darkest of the medium shades, I decided to go with number 9 (based of crappy site photos), and prayed that what little I could see of the  yellow looking undertones was in fact true.




Ok, so time to get all social activist-ey on you guys. Do you know how flippin’ thrilled I was to see that little blurb on the box about supporting community based mental health efforts through the proceeds? Very very.

I don’t know much about the skincare line itself, so I’ll give you the blurb from the site;

Experience the benefits of Take A Deep Breath skin care in Philosophy’s Take A Deep Breath Cushion Foundation with SPF protection. It’s light-as-air liquid makeup that helps skin recover from the signs of a busy life that can age skin, as it evens tone and smoothens texture with a breathable, weightless finish. The innovative cushion delivery system and mesh filter provide a fine layer of perfecting colour that instantly locks in hydration and blends and builds beautifully, for sheer to full coverage.
Key Benefits:

  • Exclusive clean-air technology oxygenates and refreshes as it helps protect skin
  • Instantly locks in hydration
  • Fluid texture and breathable finish
  • Mesh filter ensures fresh and clean application

If my makeup is going to do all, that? I’ll take it. You guys already know I’m a packaging junkie and I love the minimalist look of the cushion compact. It’s all white with black lettering. It’s a bit bulky, but I’ve yet to meet a cushion compact that isn’t.




It’s got the typical layout, the sponge in the top portion which you then flip over to reveal a snap closure that protects the liquid inside from drying out.




Ok, turns out I chose the perfect shade, for winter anyway, but as I’ll explain I think that it will transition well year round. This isn’t the typical cushion foundation where you have a saturated sponge in the container. This is actually a container with a mesh cover that I much rather because I find it not only easier to use, but much more hygienic.

9 is a medium brown with yellow undertones that border a tad on olive. I’m very happy that I chose 9, I almost got 8. While I think that they are basically the same colour, I’m almost certain that 8 is more olive in tone just based on what seems like leftover olive tones in this shade.





Unfortunately, the coverage on this is not even medium. Concealer when using this is a definite must if you want to achieve a fully covered look because it won’t mask the worst hyperpigmentation, freckles or what have you. The finish though is divine. It’s a matte satin finish, that manages to even out the skin tone. I have fairly decent skin, hyperpigmentation spots notwithstanding, so the finish I was left with was a radiant satin finish, that made my skin very healthy looking. Pictures below in different lighting conditions, sorry for the blur, I was taking these at the time when I was just able to stand again so I was shaking like a leaf after taking two or three shots. The first is a direct sunlight picture, second is flash and the third is overcast.


IMG_20160108_213521_save (1)



The second thing that I picked up is the Sheer Liquid Sunshine Illuminator. Philosophy describes it as bronze gold sunshine in a bottle, and like the foundation incorporates the Take A Deep Breath skincare. Like the packaging for the foundation, this is minimalist, a clear glass bottle with a white cap.




This is truly an illuminator as it’s very subtle, it imparts a glow but no real colour to the skin. I tried using it directly on my face, however it was perhaps a bad time to use it because my skin had been dry from days of being unable to take care of it, so the results weren’t very good as it sort of highlighted the rough textures that I had going on.

Although this is supposed to be a golden bronze, I found it to actually be more of a peachy bronze and I could not be more happy about that. At first I thought that the pump had dispensed too much product, but since this became one with my skin, one pump is actually very good.




I’ve been experimenting with mixing this with a couple of foundations that I have, that either need better undertones or are a bit too matte and the results were spectacular. Because this is peachy, it just adds a glow my foundation and it looks like skin. I’d previously been using the Becca Topaz to colour correct some foundations, and while it works well enough, it’s heavy enough that I can feel it on my skin, and it stops my foundations from setting.

This didn’t interfere with setting, nor could I feel it on my face.


Final Thoughts.

I’m pretty impressed with both these products, but more so the illuminator. The foundation is decent but not a must have, and it will work best for those that have little to no imperfections, or like me have decent enough skin than can be aided with concealer. It’s not a heavy feeling product, and it lasted quite a long time with no fading. Because of the matte finish and the light coverage, I’m certain that it will transition beautifully into Spring and Summer.

Really impressed with Philosophy, I may just have to order two of those blushes blind just to see how they are as well.

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