NYX Ombre Blushes.



As usual, NYX went and debuted a buttload of stuff for Spring. I didn’t as nuts as I usually do, mostly because everything looked so amazing that  couldn’t really make my mind up. But also, a lot of things just basically dupes of each other, like all the contouring stuff. I do mean to get a couple of other things, but since I’m a blush hoarder that’s what I started with.

When I saw the Ombre Blushes in Latina magazine a few months back, I was determined that at least six of the eight colours would wind up finding a new home with me. Buuut, I dialled it back a little bit and just went with four that called to me. Truly it was five, but I have a thing about uneven number, yes, I’m weird.

The idea behind ombre blushes isn’t a new thing, the thought being two colours that can be used together or separately to create different colours. The thing that I found to be different about these that the lighter shades on almost all the ones that I tried, function as highlighters as well.

The compacts for these are the typical shiny black NYX compact, they look a lot like the highlighters, but I’m almost a 100% sure that compact is a bit slimmer.



Anywhoo, the four colours that immediately called my name?


Nude To Me.



Because I prefer a nude/natural blush mostly, this is rusty brown number (that for whatever reason doesn’t photograph real well) was the one that I instantly honed in on. In real life, that brown is pigmented and rich, leaving me with a very natural looking flush. The lighter part is an incredibly hyper golden highlighter. The entire blush has some very light shimmer to it as well.


Sweet Spring.



This purchase was a mistake, I meant to get Soft Flush. This isn’t terrible, it’s warm and matte, just not meant for my complexion, it’s just entirely too light. I’ll most likely wind up giving it away.


Code Breaker.



I was really excited for Code Breaker, but it wasn’t the bright purple that imagined it would be. Most of the bush is a hot pink, that more blue toned, with the very small top portion being purple. This blush is matte, and when swirled together, perhaps because of the very small amount of purple, it doesn’t really change the colour all that much.


Feel The Heat.



It was a toss up between this and Instaflame. The difference in the two I believe is that Instaflame is a true orange, where this is more of a coral. Instaflame might also be matte, this is shimmer and the highlighter is OMG!

It’s a champagne gold with a peachy shift, sooooo flippin pretty.

I didn’t have any problems with pigmentation with them, on the contrary, they might be too pigmented and needs a light hand to look right. With the exception of Sweet Spring, I liked all of these and I’ll probably get Instaflame and/or Mauve Me. Swatches below and I’m wearing Nude To Me which isn’t showing up real well, but that highlighter is fiah!





Now I did get one more thing, the Sculpting & Highlighting Duo in Chestnut/Sand. I chose this particular colour because it was the only one with a neutral brown contour shade. All the others were either warm or cool.




On this one Chestnut is the contouring shade and sand is the highlighting shade. The container is a double wand with two tubes on either side that unscrew for you to get the product. I personally find it a little bit awkward, but it works I suppose, I just have to remember to put the right wand back into the right tube.






Now these aren’t for dramatic contouring, this is light everyday (if that’s your thing) contouring and highlighting. One thing that I found out about this is that the contour colour gets darker after it’s been sitting on your face for a minute, so the swatch that you see below is not the colour that it wound up being, it’s much much darker. The problem with that? It also dries quickly, so you have to work fast and a beauty blender was the best method of working it in for me.



That friggin highlighting colour though?!?!? Was not even expecting that perfection. Ok so, the reason I haven’t been posting is because I changed jobs a few weeks ago and I’ve been waking up everyday at 4 or 5am, and I’m done when I get home, so I’ve had the worst tired looking cirlces under my eyes. When I word this is was just an out of the world difference.



It also does not crease or fade what so ever!


Final Thoughts.

The blushes are excellent, but that sculpting duo is friggin awesome and you should really check it out. Now listen, notice how my fraking face is flawless looking? I’m not even wearing concealer here. What that is? Colour correcting (oh and I may have found my HG foundation, fuh reals). I’ve been playing around with it a lot lately and the difference it makes in your foundation lasting and coverage is everything. I’ll have a post coming up on that…soonish. Until the next time ladies!

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