NYX Avant Pop Artist Palettes.



NYX is at it again ya’ll. They just don’t give a girl time between the last round of buying before they shove something new in her face. I can’t breathe boo, you’re smothering me!

There is so much new stuff on the NYX site, it’s hard to decide what I just want because of kitsch factor, or because I really really want it. I’m not even gonna try the need word, cause at this point in my makeup life, there is rarely anything that I need.

But when I saw the new Avant Pop Palettes, I just knew that I had to have them. At $17 each, for NYX that’s pretty steep from a company know for full face palettes that include eyes, lips and cheeks for $14. But hey, this seems to be the new trend for the company L’Oreal seems to be banking on the fact that NYX has a built in customer base that will pay the prices, and they may be right, but that doesn’t make it right.

Luckily, I only felt the need to get two of the palettes. I got Art Throb, a collection of ten brilliantly coloured shades, and Nouveau Chic, a mostly neutral palette with a few surprising pops of colour. I passed on Surreal My Heart because it looked a lot like Art Throb, just in much cooler tones.



While we’re on the subject, it seems as if everyone has an artist palette lately. I was trying to get a good definition of what an artist palette is in makeup terms, but was unable to do so. The only other artist palette that I’m familiar with, is the actual artist, read painters palette. A painters artist palette is usually a collection of basic shades, sometimes bright, sometimes neutral, by which the artist can create pieces my mixing the colours to their hearts content. These palettes from NYX function in much the same way.

These are all pretty basic, commonly used colours (especially the Nouveau Chic), that you would use to create whatever look you desire. It’s not meant to be an all in one palette, but I found that they can actually functions that way. In each palette is a clear lidded rectangular case, that houses ten shades in various finishes of matte, satin a shimmer.

For someone who previously loved nothing but very bright colours, I’m discovering lately that my pendulum has swung in the direction of neutral shades. As such, I really love the the Nouveau Chic palette and will probably wind up using it a lot more. But summer is on the way, so you never know.

Nouveau Chic.



The shades, as per NYX, are not labelled so the swatches below are from left to right, top to bottom. They’re taken and labelled in and for different lighting conditions. I also got a new camera, and I’m currently struggling to get it to act right, fighting with the white balance and ISO. the direct sunlight pictures, offer the most accurate representation of the colours..



Shade 1 – Pearl White – Satin

Shade 2 – Mauve/Dusty Rose – Matte

Shade 3 – Lilac – Satin

Shade 4 – Grey – Satin

Shade 5 – Sapphire Blue

Shade 6 – Bone – Matte

Shade 7 – Champagne – Shimmer

Shade 8 – Deep Maroon – Satin

Shade 9 – Medium Blue Purple – Satin

Shade 10 – Dark Forest Green w/Black and Gold Shifts –Satin.


Art Throb.



Art Throb is the indulgent palette. It’s composed of those shades that you’d use if you really want to stand out in a crowd. Although these are artist palettes and you wouldn’t expect it necessarily, both palettes have at least one colour that can be used as a transition shade on both dark and light complexions. In Nouveau Chic, it’s that dust rose colour or shade 2. In Art Throb it’s shades 3 and 4.


Shade 1 – Aquamarine Blue – Semi-Matte w/Slight Shimmer

Shade 2 – Teal Green – Semi-Matte w/Slight Shimmer

Shade 3 – Muted Taupe w/Slight Yellow Base – Semi-Matte

Shade 4 – Mid-Toned Beige Brown – Matte

Shade 5 – White –Semi-Matte

Shade 6 – Orange Copper – Shimmer

Shade 7 – Grey – Shimmer

Shade 8 – Avocado Green – Shimmer

Shade 9 – True Black w/Slight Silver Glitter – Shimmer/Glitter

Shade 10 – Mid-Toned True Pink – Satin

The shadows themselves are buttery with minimal fallout, but they’re so finely milled that there is some dust-up when apply with a brush. That’s not really an issue for me, but some people may not appreciate that little details. I loved that the colours didn’t turn muddy on me as most shadows tend to do, and they’re incredibly long lasting with no fading or slipping. I applied them this afternoon as around 1:30pm, and as of right now, 11:44pm, they still look as if they’ve just been applied. I did try to get some looks for you, but as stated before, new camera, and I’m still learning my angles with this one. So the photos below aren’t great, but they’re what I got. The shades used are from the Nouveau Chic palette, shades 8 on the lid, 10 on the crease and 4 on the inner corners of the eye.



Final Thoughts.

These are a good addition to any collection. The wealth of colours and finishes, not mention transition shades, makes it a good buy for someone on a budget. The colours are especially unique, and I’m sure that they’re dupable within my own collection (it looks pretty similar to some of my Sleek shadows). The great thing is that you don’t need to get all three of the palettes, since they’re being offered in such a way that you can choose jewel tones or neutrals, the palette that I didn’t get, Surreal My Heart, does a good job of marrying the two in a cooler toned palette. Art Throb makes for a great summer palette, and Nouveau Chic is a gorgeous anytime palette. It’s a little bit on the pricey side for a NYX palette at $17 a pop, but if you do decide to go ahead an get any of them, I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.

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