Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs. Neutrals Palette



Let’s get this out the way right off the top. This palette and I are not at all getting along. This is the palette that everyone of saying is another Makeup revolution dupe for the Sweet Peach palette. While that might be true (I don’t really see it it looks more like the ABH Modern Renaissance to me), but hey, what do I know?

The palette and layout is reminiscent of both the Iconic Pro Palettes, there are eighteen shades (massive!) that consist of mattes shimmers and satins. This one doesn’t have any high glitter shades in it, and is a very warm toned palette heavy on the peaches, red based browns and ochres. This packaging for this palette is weird, the top portion is a matte black with the name of the palette while the bottom is shiny black, almost as if in the midst of creating the palette they ran out of shiny black lids and just decided to slap a matte one on there. This should likely have been my first clue that I wouldn’t care for this palette. It also comes with a double ended brush that got binned immediately, I think I mentioned before that although I think it’s great that MR includes brushes in their palettes that aren’t sponge tipped, they’re pretty useless as they typically aren’t dense enough to get anything done.









Based on that colour palette, I should have immediately fallen in love with this palette no? And when I first saw it I was giddy with anticipation. It’s also a good mix of mattes, shimmers and satins with transition and crease colours, so an everything palette then? Swatches below and then I’ll explain what I didn’t care for here.


Bias – White Champagne (High Shimmer).

Neutral – Nude Bone (Matte)

Personal – Peach (High Shimmer)

Vogue – Coral Peach (Satin).

Trend – Matte Ochre.

New-Tral – Orange Coral (Satin).

Tone – Pinky Red (Satin).

Custom – Deep Brown (Matte).



Cool – Off White (Matte) Quite patchy and needs a lot of building to work.

Style – Very Light Pink (Very High Shimmer) Very Patchy.

Partial – Mid-Toned Neutral Pink w/Peach Shift (High Shimmer).

Mode – Bronze Gold (High Shimmer).

Adapt – Khaki Brown (Matte).

Buff  – Taupe (Satin).

Suit – Deep Cool Brown (Matte).

Strong – Black w/Burgundy Shift (Matte that’s almost a satin, weird I know).


Once again, looking at that, I should have been in love. So what was the issue then? Well first off, they swatch well, but the colour payoff is not what I’ve come to expect from MR. Second, they’re hard to blend. I’m not sure what the issue was, but I couldn’t for the life of me blend Tone out of my crease, suit would not blend or even freaking move from where I placed it in my outer V. It just wasn’t happening for me.

The other thing that irritated me, the colours look remarkably different from pan to lid. The depth of the colours where almost completely lost in the transition. I’m assuming that it has something to do with my skin tone, because I’ve seen it swatched on others and the colours are intense. As for this being a SP dupe? I’m gonna say negative, or perhaps if you’re lighter skinned it would be, but I think the Chocolate Vice is more of a SP dupe than this will ever be.


Final Thoughts.

So while the colours don’t suck in the least, you need to go into this knowing what you’re expecting. If you’re expecting this to be a SP dupe and you’re darker skinned, hard pass on that, but it will still work for you colour-wise. If you’re fair to light, this just might work in your favour and even if you’re medium complexioned it may work. But yeah, this wasn’t at all what I was expecting, and while I’m not disappointed in the colours, the pigmentation is not at all what I’ve come to expect from MR. This palette is available at Ulta and will cost you a whopping $10, so in that sense it won’t hurt to get it.

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