Makeup Revolution New Blush Melts & Blush Goddess Palettes



So apparently, I’ve developed quite the Makeup Revolution crush haven’t I?

These two blush palettes are also new launches, or at lease that’s what it said on the website, who knows sometimes brands leave “newly” launched things on front page for months.

Not like a need more blushes or highlighters, but hey, this is where we are. I got the Blush Goddess palette, which is a powder palette with four blushes and four highlighters. The Cream Melts palette is as the name suggests a cream blush palette of eight shades. There is another cream blush palette and I wonder if I wouldn’t have served myself better getting that one instead seeing as this one looked entirely too light on my initial glance.



Although they look super warm, they’re not…really…? I sound a bit confused don’t I? I’ll explain in a bit. So, they weren’t exactly what I was envisioning, they colours looked a looked a lot lighter then the website photos, and also very cool toned. By my estimation, I was only going to be able to use maybe four colours, even as pigmented as they were. Swatches below.



Here’s the thing that I seem to finally be understanding about MR blushes though, they really aren’t as cool as the look. Remember The One Blush in Matte Rush? Yeah, like that one even though  looked cool as hell and way too light for my complexion, when I used them, they warmed up considerably. I mean like ridiculously so, considering the one that I tested was the second from the left in the bottom row, and the one directly next to it on the right. The result was absolutely gorgeous especially when I combined it with the pinky highlighter from the Blush Goddess Palette. I don’t have a picture of it since I played with it at night, but don’t you trust me yet? Also that peachy coral on the bottom row end? To die. The first two shade of the first and second row are my go to mauve and deep rose respectively.

It seems though that the adaptability only really extends to the cream products, because the blushes in the Blush Goddess palette while completely different in colouring from the website, are unfortunately true to pan here.




It’s not a complete loss however since I can use two of the blushes successfully (the end ones) and the other two can be use in conjunction with the blushes from the cream palette as they’re quite neutral, plus four highlighters? Winning. Swatches below.



The highlighters, if not the blushes are incredibly pigmented and ok, a little hard to work with because they’re so pigmented. They can end up being a bit brassy if a heavy hand it used cause they are baked. But the two middles shades are so beautiful I could care less. The first is a hard to describe, but the result is a pinky undertone with a pearlescent lavender shift. The other is a yellow gold that reminds me of my Prosecco Pop from my broken Becca x Jaclyn Hill Face Palette (still waiting for a replacement, it’ll probably be months), although this is actually finer, less gritty. The last shade is an almost matte taupe, that I suppose would be good for…? The first shade is your typical white champagne.


Final Thoughts.

These are two good palettes, if you’re not particular about what you want your blushes to look like when you actually get them. Because of the apparent adaptability I think the cream blush palette is a good buy for most people, but hey purchase at your own risk. At least half of the blushes in the Blush Goddess palette are for fair skin tones, the other two are suitable for medium and medium-dark skin, anyone a few shades darker than I am is going to wind up looking quite ashy I believe. Hell, I’m not even going to try and use them as the summer progresses. The good news is that the highlighters are universal and long lasting. I personally like both these palettes, mostly because I’m determined to be positive about most things, but also because I prefer cream blushes, and four highlighters and two blushes that I can use are pretty much a win. Both of these are also available at Ulta.

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