Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Palettes.



I’ve been doing a lot of high end hauling lately, and while it’s been fun discovering the benefits, differences and advantages of luxury products, I realise that not everyone can or is willing to hand over hundreds of dollars for just a few pieces. Trust me, I’m also a fan of getting a whole bunch of stuff for $80 versus just getting one thing. When my boxes arrive and I open them to a bunch of stuff, my happy place gets happier. So I decided to take it down a thousand and bring you guys some really awesome drugstore products that only really differ from higher end ones in the form of their price tags, starting with these.

I’ve been meaning to try Makeup Revolution for quite some time now, and I almost did a haul from their UK website over the holidays, not sure why I didn’t, likely I got confused and overwhelmed by all the choice and gave up. In any case, Ulta has had the brand for some time now, so when I did my haul a few (two?) weeks ago, I went ahead and got these two palettes. But before I go ahead, lemme just give you a breakdown of all the stuff that I got.

The two Makeup revolution palettes. Tarteist Blush palette which you guys already saw. Soap & Glory Glow All Out powder, Too Faced Candlelight Powder in Warm Glow. Pur Cosmetics Universal Marble Mineral Powder in Spice and the new Sunkissed Glow Strobe Palette (which is now inexplicably missing from the website). And finally the new Bare Minerals Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo with the Dual Finish Contour and Blush Brush which was available to platinum members about two weeks early I think, though somehow not to all Platinum members cause my sister didn’t get the email.

Now, I got these two palettes because I noticed almost immediately that they looked to be dupes of the Smashbox Exposure palettes. I think I may have said before that I’m not really a fan of Smashbox shadows, somehow I can never make them work. There was only one Smashbox palette that I ever got, this last holiday master class set, that I’ve really liked. But these two for $12 each I figured I couldn’t go wrong. Plus like I said, with the coupon that I had from Ulta plus redeeming a buttload of points, my entire order came out to be $43.57. Winning.

The first thing that I noticed and was really surprised by was the really high end looking compact. It’s pretty weighty, matte black with a full sized mirror, and looks as if it’s priced much higher than it is. It also comes with a dual ended brush in both palettes, that while not complete rubbish, the flat end just isn’t dense enough to get the work done but it might be good for close up things like inner corner highlighting. The fluffy end looks to be decent enough for light blending.




Both palettes have sixteen shades, and the first palette the Pro One, appears at first to be a mostly cool toned palette. On application however, it turns out to be somewhat evenly divided between warm and cool, though leaning mostly warm. There are no name on the palette itself, they’re on the plastic protective sheet that comes in the compact. This palette only cost $12 though so I wasn’t bothered by it, I’m only irritated when I pay $40+ for a palette to have that happen.






Not only are the shade gorgeous, they’re buttery and highly pigmented. I had zero fall out even with the matte shades, and some of these neutrals were some of the most gorgeously unique neutrals I’ve ever seen. The layout is equally divided between mattes and satin/shimmers. The top row of both palettes are all matte shades, while on the bottom you have shimmers and satins. If you look carefully, you’ll also see that the colours are grouped complimentarily in quads.

Pro One is your typical neutral palette with some pops of colour, and some really good transition shades thrown in. While mattes in both cheaper and more expensive palettes can be powdery, dry and chalky, these were so far from that. All the mattes applied well, and I didn’t even have and dust up, and with primer they lasted well into the night when I took it off. Swatches below.




I created a really simple look below using Chase as a transition colour, Ambition in the crease, One Way all over the lid with Grey Day to darken up the outer V giving it some dimension.



If the Pro One is a good palette, then the Pro Two is an Excellent palette. Although the box would suggest differently, the palette is the same matte black as the other. The layout is the same with sixteen shades of matte and satin/shimmer, also a mostly neutral palette. Instead of pops of colour though, we get brilliant bursts of colour here, and the entire palette is very warm.







The colour payoff here is even more intense, the colours even more smooth and buttery. The pops of colour more saturated and unique, and that one transition colour Drama, is about to be my life. Swatches below.




Look below using Afflicted in the crease and outer V. Stage on the lid and Getter in the inner corner of the eyes.



Final Thoughts.

I don’t think that anyone can go wrong with either of these palettes. For $12 they perform as well as higher end shadows, and better than some that I’ve used. You really can’t ask for better pigmentation or lasting power, and these will be a good addition to any collection whether you’re a hoarder like myself, or someone just starting out your collection.

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