Makeup Revolution Chocolate Vice Palette. Sweet Peach Dupe Maybe? Hmmm…

This one goes out to all the girls that wanted a Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and were unable to get one, because they were completely sold out everywhere in under five minutes. It goes out to all the ladies that were completely and utterly disgusted by the s&%tty marketing tactics employed by Too Faced in making this palette less than widely available. And this…is to all those people who purchased 10 palettes and turned around and sold them on eBay for over a hundred dollars. A giant FU to those a-holes.

Makeup isn’t supposed to be this hard man. I mean this palette had been so hyped up on social media for so many months that Too Faced knew the demand would be crazy. Yet, they still didn’t make enough for their website (or enable enough servers to keep the site from crashing yet again, what is that they say about experience informing wisdom? Clearly we’ve been lied to) or enough available to their distribution partners like Sephora and Ulta. By the time that I was able to get a Sweet Peach palette (Ulta released it two weeks early for 24hrs to platinum members), I was so thoroughly disgusted by all the shenanigans that I passed on it just on principle. Fast forward months later, and I found myself unwittingly purchasing two dupes, having no idea that’s what they were. I’m only gonna do one today though.

On the 16th, I did yet another Makeup Revolution haul. This time though, I hauled the UK site because I want what I want, and the US site is woefully lacking in a lot of products. Plus with the conversion rate, it winds up being cheaper to get stuff from the UK. For instance, the Fortune Favours The Brave palette on the US site is $18. With the conversion from pounds, I paid $15.33. Then I had a 20% off plus free international shipping code, so it just wound up being better for me. Almost everything that I got is a new launch, one of them being the Chocolate Vice palette one of the supposed dupes.



If this looks familiar if not as sleek, that’s because they started out by duping the original Chocolate Bar palette and basically ran with it to the point that where they now have a whole chocolate series of palettes that are independent of, and more prolific than Too Faced has ever been in the same regard. This palette has sixteen instead of eighteen shades like the SP, because they stuck with the original format of two long shadow pans in the palette.

I wanted the SP palette when I initially saw it, but the longer that I looked at it before release, the more I wondered was it really any different than it’s predecessors. I didn’t do a post on it, but I’d also gotten the Chocolate Bon Bons palette as was so underwhelmed by it that even though I took pictures and swatches, I never posted and eventually returned it. The reason for that mostly is because it wasn’t dramatically different than any of the previous chocolate bar palettes. When I looked at the SP, I only saw a few colours that were distinctly different enough to warrant getting it in my opinion. I probably would have still gotten it and made an in person judgement like I did with the Bon Bons if not for Palettegate. Even though I was somewhat concerned about what peach shades would look like on my skin tone.

The funny thing about this CV palette is that it took all of the colours of the SP that I was attracted to, and added a few of their own unique ones for good measure. It’s a very heavy palette although made from  plastic, it’s very solid with an almost metallic feel to it. It’s about the same size a Chocolate Bar palette, but the squared edges makes it seem slightly larger. It has a mirror that takes up the entire lid of the palette unlike the CBs that usually only have the little triangle of a mirror smack in the centre of the palette lid.







The shadows conform to what I’m calling Makeup Revolution’s No Duds policy, meaning all the shades even the ones with high glitter are pigmented and apply buttery, they are soooo soft! There is a bit of fallout with the high glitter shades, and the matte shades kick up a bit of dust, but nothing so bad as to be frustrating. I did wind up doing a look with a couple of the peach shades and I needn’t have worried since they have a depth to them and a slight reddish brown undertone, rather than a  golden base, that stops them from just becoming a part of my complexion. The only thing missing for me in this palette that’s a part of SP is that forest green shimmer, but hey, can’t have it all and honestly I can dupe with so many of my other palettes it’s ridiculous. Swatches below but they’re not great as I’m still fiddling with white balance and aperture settings on my new camera. Since I don’t have the SP palette, I found a random picture on Makeup Alley that I’m posting for comparison. I don’t know who the picture belongs to as there where no tags, so I apologise in advance for using this person’s photo without crediting. Also, if you want an in depth review and swatches on dark skin, Danielle at The Style & Beauty Doctor has a good one, where she compares it’s differences or lack of with the other three CB palettes.


Vice – Satin Cream w/Tonal Gold Shift

Sway – Matte Warm Yellow Beige

Satisfy – Shimmer Champagne Peach

Require – Warm Satin Golden Peach

Convert – Matte Neutral Coffee Brown

Treat – Matte Chocolate Brown

Habit – Shimmer True Yellow Gold

Persuade – Shimmer Bronzed Peach

Need – Matte Khaki

Crave – Shimmer Bronzed Cranberry

Lust – Matte Black w/Tonal Blue Reflects

Reason – Neutral Shimmer Golden Peach

Must – Satin Coral Peach

Maleficence – Matte Browned Peach

Fancy – Satin Orange Peach

Appeal – Matte Cream

As promised, this is a picture of all the SP shades on a skin tone similar to mine, didn’t want to confuse the issue.



Final Thoughts.

I was trying to decide which of the shades in this palette where my favourite ones, I stopped when I kept naming shades. It’s safe to say that I love most of the colours, the warm peaches and browns, with golds, transition shades and outer V colours make it a great palette. My advice, if you didn’t and still can’t get a SP palette, this is by no means a bad alternative, additionally the other MR palette that is supposed to be another dupe is a good choice as well, I’ll have that up for you either late this week or early next week. Oh! This palette isn’t available at Ulta, it can only be found on the Makeup Revolution UK site(use this link the redirect is weird), and I think the US site as well.

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