L’Oreal’s New Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation.



I love the Pro-Matte version of this foundation so much that when I heard glow I was all “hell yeah!”

This was part of my birthday haul, and boy did I ever haul. I did mostly drugstore stuff this year mostly because lately I’ve been getting a lot of really good drugstore stuff. Plus while almost all of the higher end brands are debuting very similar items, the drugstore brands have been quietly innovating and perfecting their formulas to compete, and some dominate. L’Oreal, has become my go too American drugstore brand, very rarely does anything that I purchase fail me, and I’ve been extremely happy with the foundations that I’ve gotten.

So I suppose I was due for a disappointment yeah?

Pro-Glow is packaged much the same way that the Pro-Matte is, the only difference being the blue accent rather than red. In terms of formulation, this is not only supposed to last 24hrs, it supposedly imparts a glow that lasts 24hrs, and the big deal? It has sunscreen, for all of you ladies that like sunscreen in your foundations, you all know how I feel about that.

When I buy L’Oreal foundations I usually get two colours, Classic Tan to use in the Winter-Spring, Soft Sable for summer although with a powder adjustment I can still get away with Classic Tan in the summer. When I finally did my haul (a week after my birthday), for whatever reason I only picked up one shade darker than classic tan, and since Soft Sable is missing in the line up, I opted for the colour that replaced it, Cream Cafe (211). When I picked it up, it looked lighter than I thought it should, but since I panicked about that when I got the Pro-Matte I decided not to because the bottle is a frosted plastic one.




Turns out panicking, wouldn’t have been a bad reaction, cause this sucker is actually lighter than Classic Tan. Not only that, it’s so warm it borders on orange. The texture is also very runny, and it doesn’t over a whole lot of coverage. You may be able to build coverage, but since my colour was so off, I didn’t bother to test that theory.




Can I wear it? With my Inglot powder to finish I probably could get away with it, if the whole point of me getting it wasn’t lost. There is absolutely no glow to this. None. I shook the bottle, I massaged it until I was reasonably sure all the bits were in place, and nada. I think that adding sunscreen to this foundation is what messed it up. It lightened the shades, when I wore mine, beyond the obviously too light colour there was also a very noticeable ashy cast to it.

Also I couldn’t go any darker because the jump in shades between this one and the last one Cocoa, is a leap not a jump and it also has a very red undertone.


Final Thoughts.

My opinion? Skip this. It’s a complete miss in every way possible. If you do decide to ignore me, go at least two shades darker than you normally would. If you’re looking for a luminous drugstore foundation, try the L’Oreal Lumi, all the colours are true to the brand, and it actually is luminous and lasts all day.

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