Let Me Explain To You Why I’m Obsessed With Le Metier de Beaute



This is possibly the foundation to end all foundation hunts. I promise you. The Le Metier de Beaute Flawless Finish foundation promises you all kinds of magic in a bottle, and trust me, it delivers.

The brand is really famous among makeup enthusiasts for the Kaleidoscope makeup kits, that run over $100 most of the time. I personally didn’t care for the Kaleidoscopes, I just didn’t like the packaging or the format. But I had heard that they had a beauty subscription (that will run you $348 up front for the whole year), called the vault and I wanted to check it up so I went to the website. By the time I got to it, the subscription was closed for the year, but they had items from previous boxes for sale. I personally didn’t know that their cosmetics range was so large, but picked up a few things one of them being this foundation. Of course based on the colour descriptions on the site, I got the wrong shade, but I legit don’t even care.

I got number 11 which because it’s described as a deep golden, 10 is a golden olive which just have made me look grey because of the olive undertones, I was afraid that 9 would be too light even though it’s supposed to be a medium deep golden. After I got 11, tried it and absolutely fell in love, I did go back and purchase 9. When it came it slipped out of the box as I was opening it and I wound up with a beautiful $70 disaster on my front patio. So now, I’m stuck with 11 that is a shade too dark, and then oxidises another shade too dark after that. I decided not to repurchase 9 after I got my refund, I’d just work with 11.

Let me tell you about this foundation though. It’s perfect. I mean, I could put it on with my eyes closed and it would still come out perfect. According to Le Metier de Beaute;

This lightweight, light diffusing, creamy formula evens out skin tone and imperfections for a luminous, natural look.

Hydrating emollients and age-defying ingredients create a creamy formula that glides on effortlessly and blends in quickly for flawless coverage that lasts all day.

Contains a stretchy, elastic molecule that allows makeup to expand and contract with the movement and contours of the skin, eliminating cracking and makeup exposing itself in fine lines.

Skin loving moisturizers and Vitamins A & E for a healthy, hydrated complexion. Protects skin from harmful UVA/UVA rays with SPF 8.

The formulation is a very thick cream, that comes with a pump in a frosted glass bottle. The pump is one of the better ones that I’ve used, dispensing the perfect amount for one layer.




When I swatched it, it looked absolutely perfect, I didn’t notice right away just how much it oxidised because is takes about 30 minutes, but I should have been clued in by the fact that it blended in seamlessly on my arm that it was too dark at least, since my arm is significantly darker than my face.




This is also possibly the best full coverage foundation that I’ve used. It covers everything in one application, I mean I don’t have to use concealer at all when I use this foundation, and it looks very very natural although it’s a very matte finish. I can use this when my skin is too dry, too oily, pimply and misbehaving. It covers up dry skin without calling attention to it, it mattes oily skin without looking cakey, and every single time it just looks flawless. Every time. As much as I love my Armani foundations, I find myself reaching for this a lot more. I would wear it every single day if not for the oxidisation issue. Because it’s already too dark, and then oxidises, I have to work with it. I have to use something that will lighten it up some, the plus on that is no matter what I use, it doesn’t alter the finish of the foundation. It does thin out though, so I wind up using more.

Luckily, I’d also purchased this little baby that helps the situation out immensely, the Liquid Luminiser in Gilded.





This is a really sheer luminiser that’s meant to add an overall glow to the skin, or added to foundation saves you from the too matte face. It does have some rather large flecks of gold in it, but once mixed into foundation, or patted onto the skin they disappear. It’s also very liquid so it will never really function as a highlighter which is fine cause that’s not what it’s for.




The foundation last’s all freaking day through whatever conditions you manage to put it through. It’s also very lightweight and I can’t fell it on my skin, but whenever  walk past a mirror, I’m always like wow! Below I have pictures of me wearing it with the luminiser mixed in, even with the luminiser it still does oxidise a bit. But as stated I didn’t have to use concealer anywhere, nor did I have to colour correct. I even used it under my eyes and it stayed put with no creasing. The first picture is in shadows and the second is direct sunlight.




Final Thoughts.

This foundation is definite HG status, if not for the oxidisation coupled with the wrong shade, I would wear this every day. It’s a one and done foundation. It wears perfectly, it applies like a dream, covers like a boss and manages to last till you take it off? Yeah, definite HG. The good thing is that I’ll be able to wear this in the summer time with no problems, and when I do want to wear it, I can, with a little work, adjust the colour to suit me perfectly, which is kind of better anyway, because as it stands right now, it’s a year round foundation.

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