Lena Lashes Liquid More Matte Than Matte Liquid Lipsticks.



I think I’m low-key trying to own all the liquid lipsticks. This might be my desperate cry for help.

I first heard of Lena Lashes liquid lipsticks through social media cause does anyone do actual adverts anymore? Like do brands hire PR firms and have advertising budgets still? I mean more power to them cause Bloggers and Vloggers are free (for the most part) so…Anywhoo, I saw these swatched by Jackie Aina on her YouTube channel that I follow. I love Jackie, she’s funny as hell, she’s honest and she’s not afraid to tackle the big stuff like representation in the beauty industry, perceptions of beauty. Unlike a lot of beauty guru’s she’s fearless and unapologetic.

I didn’t know anything about the company or the founder going in, the most I knew was that they were an indie company, and I contacted them to get some info for the blog post because I love giving shout outs to indie brands, cause it takes a lot to get it off the ground. Someone one swore they would get back to me and then they never did, that’s strike one and ridiculously unprofessional to me. In any case, I went ahead and got six shades of the More Than Matte liquid lipsticks. I got James, Jason, Michael, Tyrese, Guy and Luscious. The colours looked so stunning online, and at the time there were no swatches, so I was just hoping that they looked good against my skin tone.

I’ve had these for about a month now, it’s taken me that long to do a review because when I got them, there were no names on the boxes or the tubes, so I had to painstakingly go through all the colours and try to match them up with the colours on the website to do the review. Since website and real life colours always differ, it was tedious to say the least, plus no colour descriptions made it infinitely harder. Strike two.

When I got the lipsticks, the tubes were messy as if someone had opened them and took out the wands and replaced them, and a few of them looked dried out and cracked. I sent an email saying that I think that they had been used and could I send them back for a refund. The person that responded told me that because the formula was so thick, they took out the wands and then pumped them to disperse the lipstick. Oh, so you decided to pump air and thus bacteria into my liquid lipsticks before you sent them to me? Thanks, how thoughtful of you. Strike three.

They run $18 a pop, but with each one that I placed in my cart, I got an additional $3 discount, so instead of paying $108 I only paid $60 which is a damn good deal.

Despite all the above though, I actually did like a few of the colours, below I have pictures of the shades that I got








They take a little while to dry, like almost five minutes, and while the name suggests that they’re super matte and would be uncomfortable, they’re actually very comfy and I can’t really feel them on the lips. They also dry down to a slightly different colour than they initially appear. On some of them I prefer the dry down colour as I went out of my comfort zone on at least two of them. Swatches below.




From L-R;

Tyrese – Bright cool toned pink that looks (or looked since there were no skin tone swatches at the time) a lot warmer on the website, this one also applies very patchy and at least two coats are needed for even application. I almost never use this one, too far out of my wheelhouse.

Luscious – Grape burgundy, and my second favourite of the lot.

Michael – Orange brown. I went outside of my comfort zone with this because brown lippies tend to look very yuck on me for some reason. The dry down and a neutral or brown lip pencil makes it look not half bad on me.

Guy – Brown Mauve

James – Pinky mauve, my favourite that I wore for about a week straight and then somehow lost. I’m still crying.

Jason – Red burgundy.

The wear time on these is just ok. With eating, drinking and talking, they did fade and I had to reapply with additional product on the lips the setting time got longer. Initially they transfer like mad, but after they set they no longer do, with the exception of Tyrese that flakes of in no time in a most unbecoming manner.

As much as I like them, I find myself not  reaching for them very much, and it’s mostly because they’re not labelled, I’m crazy in that I need to know what I’m putting on. Because of that I only have photos of me wearing Luscious.



Final Thoughts.

I’m not sure if I would repurchase these, or if I would get more even though it might be a better bet since I’ve been told that they now have labels and there are now swatches of the colours on different skin tones. My problem is that there’s really nothing special about them. The drying time sucks hard, and I can’t be bothered to sit there and wait for them to set to apply liner and get on with my business. While the colours are pretty, they’re a dime a dozen, every brand makes these colours. In all honesty I wear my Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks a lot more, and even my BH Matte lipsticks because nothing beats either of those two for longevity and staying power. I can’t recommend these, one because of all the initial issues that I had, and two because they’re really just ok.

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