Kiko Milano LE Lovegrove Summer Collection.



Isn’t that packaging to die for?!?!

So I’d told you guys that I did another Kiko haul right? I’d hauled their two new collections, The Artist and this one. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the hell packed this stuff because almost all of it came smashed to bits. Yeah, sad as hell cause the blush from this collection that came broken is hella pretty when applied, much more so than the one that survived intact. Kiko doesn’t send out replacements unfortunately, they just refund you and then you have to repurchase, something I’m opting to not do at the moment, I may revisit it again, but I’m unsure. I really hate those refund and repurchase policies, particularly when it’s your fault that my stuff came broken. /rant.

In any case, I was instantly drawn to this collection because of this absolutely high end looking, gorgeous packaging. The collection includes three Dessert Dunes Trio blushes in Ingenious Mauve, Gypsy Pink and Lust Coral. Two Dessert Dunes bronzers in Warm Melange and Sienna Melange. Six Free Spirit Lip & Cheek Pencils. Eight Mirage Lip Stylos. Shadow Pencils, mascara, a brush, makeup bag, liquid eye liner, eau de toilette and lip oils. Whew!

This collection is slightly more expensive then The Artist collection mostly because the packaging was designed by Welsh industrial designer Ross Lovegrove. If you don’t know who the man is look him up, he’s brilliant. I almost got things exclusively from this collection, but I also loved the whimsical, playful aspect of the artist collection so decided to pick that up as well.

Out of everything that I ordered, the only two things that survived in a whole state, were one Dessert Dunes blush ($18) in Ingenious Mauve, and a Dessert Dunes bronzer ($25) in Sienna Melange the Darker shade. Both compacts are equipped with a snap closure and a mirror in the lid, and feel appropriately weighty in the hand.





These baked blushes are a combination of three shades, this one includes neutral shades of burgundy, pink and berry. The first burgundy shade and middle pink shade are mattes, while the outer berry portion has some luminosity to it. You can wear each shade separately, though I found that somewhat difficult since the berry shade adds too much luminosity on it’s own and ends up looking somewhat brassy, or swirl a fluffy blush in the pan to combine for one shade.




Like the other Kiko blushes that I’m tried this starts off subtle, and is buildable. I honestly didn’t care for this colour very much, perhaps because of the neutral lean, it doesn’t look very good on me unless I swirl all three shades, then pop more of the burgundy colour atop that. The other blush that arrived broken, Gypsy Pink, was a lot warmer and looked like a lovely pink mauve when I applied it. I didn’t notice too much fading when I wore it for about four hours, it held up well and added a low-key luminosity to my cheeks. I’m including swatches of both shades below even though the second picture, Gypsy Pink, was broken.




The bronzer that I got like I said was the darker of the two, Sienna Melange. It’s a marbled, baked bronzer with very light swirls of gold throughout that don’t show up very well on camera.




The bronzer my the way is frigging huge, like you wouldn’t hit pan on that sucker if you used it everyday for a year. The weird thing about this is that it’s not a noticeably luminous bronzer, it’s matte, but you wind up with a luminous finish probably because it’s baked. All of the powders are very finely milled, and honestly this can be used as a finishing powder as much as a bronzer.



I can’t believe that I’m going to say this, it’s like looking a gift bronzer in the mouth but…this bronzer is just too warm and dark for me! I was so surprised by that since I’ve already darkened up some, maybe as we proceed closer to hell, know as summer in Georgia, it’ll work better. The swatch looked great on my arm, but when I applied the bronzer to my face, a few minutes later my face just looked sort of…dirty. If I do decided to haul the rest of the stuff again, I’ll get the other bronzer and see how it works, it has threads of gold running through it, so it might work better, or I’ll just use this over a very light foundation to adjust the colour. I’m super happy that it’s too dark though, sounds weird, but that means that ladies darker than myself will be able to wear it with no problems.



Final Thoughts.

I’m not happy or disappointed with this collection. I’m just meh about it. I think if I’d gotten the right bronzer (I correct downwards constantly), and the blush had arrived intact, I would be firmly in the happy camp. This doesn’t put me off the brand in the least since I think this was mostly a case of operator error, so I’ll probably be picking more stuff up soonish.

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