Kevyn Aucoin The Gossamer Loose Powder Diaphanous.



Would you ever spend $72 on a finishing powder? Well, if it’s this one you just might. Pull up a seat and check this out.

The Gossamer Loose Powder is not new, it’s in fact a re-launch of a powder that was a staple in the collection years ago. But, unlike other KA icons like the Sensual Skin Enhancer, this isn’t one that gets a lot of attention and I’m not really sure why.

It comes in two shades Diaphanous, and Radiant Diaphanous which imparts more of a warmth to the skin. I owned one of these eons ago in Diaphanous, and picked up Radiant Diaphanous a few months back. Or I intended to anyway, I was sent the wrong colour and I’m not sure yet if I want to send this back or just invest in both as each have their own particular uses to me.

What this is, is quite probably the most finely milled finishing powder that I’ve ever encountered. There is really no way to open it without getting puffs of the stuff creating a bit of a cloud in the air.

The packaging on this is something that you may be familiar with, as it comes packaged much like a cushion foundation with it’s own puff. This is new packaging, and although I find it a bit cumbersome going through so many steps to get to it, it does cut down on the above mentioned dust cloud.






The interior of the compact has netting over the opening much like the Philosophy Cushion Foundation that I reviewed earlier, and while that may seem a bit odd for a powder product, I find that it allows for more controlled dispensing and application. As someone who much prefers to use a brush when applying powders, I was surprised to find myself reaching for and using the puff that comes with the for a light tapping application mostly.

$72 will net you .11oz of product, but have no fear, this with probably last you years. It takes only the smallest amount to get a perfectly finished airbrush look that will last all day long. Because not only is it a gorgeous ethereal finish, it’s a multi-tasker that absorbs oil without breaking down or apart on your face.




The swatch above is heavily, heavily applied because this powder will simply disappear on your skin, leaving nothing but an airbrushed glow in it’s wake.


Final Thoughts.

You may not want to throw $72 at a finishing powder, I understand that completely, but…I think this powder is worth it. I think if I never buy another finishing powder (ha!), I’ll be ok with that because this seems to fit all my needs from setting, glowing, oil absorbing and more. As a brown girl bonus, there is absolutely no white cast on my skin when I use this. It even works wonderfully at setting under eye concealer with no creasing or caking, and unlike other powders that will only look good with some types or brands of foundations, this looks wonderful over everything.

Seriously, it’s the ultimate multi-tasker.

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