Kat Von D Shade and Light Two Tone Blush.



No. Really, just freaking no!

Maaaan…look, this is not going to be good, like at. all.

When I first saw that these had finally dropped, I was so happy. They just appeared on the Sephora site all quiet like. I immediately grabbed Hansel & Gretel because that warm terracotta shade called to me, and then I saw Morticia and Gomez and not only for the colour but the name friend, it had to be mine. Nothing can really describe the disappointment that I felt upon finally opening my package, but first let me tell you what these are supposed to be.

Basically these are a continuation of the Shade & Light theme that’s been happening with the brand for a little over a year now I think. So far, I’ve pretty much ignored this part of the brand cause to be honest, it just struck me as being more than a little bit lame. A theme is cool and all, but shade & light extended to everything? C’mon now. But then they came out with blushes and I was there right? Cause if it’s blush, Cleo will own it eventually. The idea behind these blushes being to use them to fake sculpted cheekbones (or if like me you already have prominent ones, enhance them) with the darker shade and highlighting the apples of the cheeks (top) with the lighter one. Since I loved the original Heartagram blushes because of the colours and pigmentation, I was thrilled because I figured these would be great too. Um, so yeah, I was wrong. Like real bad wrong.

The first bit of irritation being the way that Sephora packed. The blushes had chipped and the compacts were covered in blush dust. And can we talk about what these little ditties are wearing? I think Kat needs to fire her design team, because the packaging has seriously been falling off a cliff. These are packaged in a plain black box, with an insert that sort of tells you how to use the blush (and a shameless plug for the Shade & Light contour brush).




The blushes themselves are in cheap plastic compacts that honestly look like drugstore blush compacts. In fact, I saw some Revlon and NYX ones the other day that looked way more high end than these $25 ones, and only cost $10. And just to add insult to injury on the cheap factor? My Hansel & Gretel arrived with a crack in the case that you can see in the picture below.







However, blush hoarder that I am, even with the compacts being craptastic, I still would have been singing their praises had the colours been any good. As it is, the pigmentation on these is so severely lacking that I have to wonder who the hell signed off on them as being ready for primetime. Cause they’re not.

Morticia & Gomez is described as a rich Fig (shade) and Orchid Petal (light). Really, it’s a plummy pink and such a a lilac so light, it almost looks white. Hansel & Gretel is described as Terracotta (shade) and Apricot (light), and this does hold true for this particular duo. However, the swatches below are heavily, heavily, heavily…heavily swatched. I mean I had to dig my finger in and swirl around vigorously, and go over the swatch at least four times to make them show up.




Final Thoughts.

I usually look forward to everything new that Kat Von D debuts, but I’m not really sure what has been happening lately, but the line seems to be faltering badly. Even the new “metallic” liquid lipsticks weren’t really metallic or new, just shiny matte versions of some of the already present liquid lipsticks. These were extremely disappointing, and bottom line need to skipped. Period. They’re not up to par, and are nothing near as good as the old blushes and so not worth the price point. Point blank, they suck.

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