Jouer LE Mermaid Collection.



This is my first bonafide Jouer purchase. I remember that I got a lip gloss in a Glossybox some time ago, and while I thought it was ok, I didn’t run out and get a bunch of stuff from the brand because I wasn’t all that impressed cause, I’m not a gloss kinda chick. And real talk? It seemed like a real white identified line.

I’ve been eyeing a few things on the site though since some of my fave brown bloggers (@JackieAina and Danielle) seem to like them so…

I wound up getting the Mermaids collection because truthfully, it’s really too pretty to pass up. The only things that I didn’t get were the liquid lipsticks cause they were just too bright for me. The whole collection is five liquid lipsticks, a lip topper, a set of four eye shadows and a set of five highlighters. Let’s start with the shadows. The Mermaid Iridescent Eye shadow Palette is really four single shadows that use the Jouer snap system to create one palette of really any shape you choose, I just left it the way it came. I can’t really say anything good or bad about the packaging. Although it’s plastic, it doesn’t feel cheap and is actually pretty sturdy. Both boxes come with descriptions of the products on the inner lid, but the shadow box also contain get the look sections.






Unless you’re really very light, you’re not going to able to wear all of them together at the same time, but I was really surprised had how brown girl friendly they are, I was expecting not to be able to wear at least two of them so I was initially saddened that I couldn’t purchase them separately. Then logic kicked in and I realised that even if I could only wear two of them, it would cost me more to buy two single shadows since all of these together cost $38, while a single shadow is $22. Never having any experience with Jouer products really, I was surprised as how pigmented they were, especially considering that from the website pictures they look very pastel. They’re not. And, what they appear to be at first glance is…well, you’ll see.


Left to right:

Coconut (silvery white)

Pink Pearl (pearlescent pink)

Splash (sea foam green)

Dreamer (brown/back with blue iridescence)

These are all really accent colours. On me anyway. But you know what, if I decide to do a simple look two can work together well. It’s summer and these colours are certainly timely, but I don’t see myself reaching much for them afterwards, unless I want a gorgeous accent colour.

The Highlighter palette is something that I jumped at because I’ve been eyeing two of the highlighters for a minute now, Camellia and Tiare, but mostly Camellia. Considering that one highlighter is $22, and these are the same size as the regular ones, I leapt at the chance to get the two that I wanted plus another three never before seen shades for $44.









Jouer is a French brand, so we’re talking low-key brilliance here. That’s not to say that they can’t be built up to “highlights viewed from space” status, it’s just going to take you a bit because they go on sheer, and they blend out well. Even when adding a lot (to test it) I found that I could still blend it out to be very very subtle. I though that Camellia would be my favourite of the bunch, but I was absolutely blown away when I swatched Crystal.


Left to Right;

Camellia (frosty white)

Tiare (golden champagne)

Champagne (peach champagne)

Seashell (iridescent pinky peach)

Crystal (celestial colour w/pink & purple shift)

And because they were on sale and I’d been meaning to get them for a minute, I got two of the tints in Amaryllis and Orchid, both red based shades. Tints are sheer washes of creamy colour that can be used on both the lips and cheeks, although sheer they do pack a punch and can be built up.



Orchid is described as a bronzed cranberry and it’s a deep brown red, with a faint bronzy sheen. Amaryllis is a mid toned strawberry red.

One of the most unique things that I like about this line is the way that you can create your own little snap together palettes from all items, including the lip products. All the product cases have little grooves in the side that slide together to make larger pieces.



So if I decide to do my makeup in the parking lot of work in my car (which I have been doing), I can snap together a highlighter and a tint if that’s what I’m using that day.



Or if I decide to go with tint, highlighter and shadows, I can put together something that looks like this


And if I had lip products and foundation and powder, I could snap those in there and create one mega palette.


Final Thoughts.

I’m really surprised at this purchase, I really wasn’t expecting to like everything so much and I was expecting most of the items to be overwhelmingly cool toned, but was elated when everything including the shadows, to be quite warm. I’m looking to add to my collection soon enough.

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