Jay Manuel Beauty Filter Finish Foundation.


After writing this post, the site went live and you can now purchase products directly from Jaymanuelbeauty.com


You guys remember the Jays from America’s Next Top Model? The Ms And Mr?

Well, Mr Jay, that utterly, breathtakingly beautiful specimen, has debuted his own cosmetics line, and it’s available exclusively on HSN.com. Unlike Tyra’s line (also on HSN), which in my opinion is a hot mess from names to shades, and is so substandard, Jay’s products are actually good. I’d ordered a few things, but most of them were on backorder so the first things that I got were the Filter Finish Foundation, and two of the blushes. I didn’t care for the blushes, not because they weren’t good quality, (they are, highly pigmented and wonderfully buildable, smooth finishes) but because the swatches on the HSN site are so bad that they appear significantly darker than they are in real life, plus the cases were so flipping bulky and unwieldy. So I sent them back.

Although the Jay Manuel Beauty site isn’t up for purchases yet, you can still get information on the various products. The description of the Filter Finish Foundation from the Jay Manuel site;

Multi-functional silicone-based liquid makeup enriched with micronized silk and plant-based antioxidants. Like a second-skin filtered veil, it creates an optical illusion of perfection. Hydrates, primes, and evens skin tone and texture in one step, while camouflaging imperfections for a flawless finish. Medium – Full buildable coverage. Does not settle into fine lines and pores.

All of the swatches on the HSN site are terrible, so I was glad that I actually took a chance on getting the foundation colour that looked wrong for me. The foundations come in twelve shades of Light, Medium and Dark, with four shades in each range. There was no indication of undertones for any of the shades, but just based off the crap pictures, all the shades in the Dark range looked red, the Mediums looked somewhat yellow, and I couldn’t really tell one way or the other about the light shades. The fact that the line has so many shade offerings isn’t really a surprise to me. After all, not only is Jay a stellar makeup artist used to working on people of many different ethnicities, he himself is multi-ethnic man that wears makeup and that beautiful yet unique complexion of his, can’t be easy to match so he probably knows the struggle. After looking at the pictures for a good long time, I finally decided to go ahead and get Filter Finish in Medium Filter 4, although it’s recommended for tan skin, and Filter Finish Deep Filter 1 was recommended for light brown skin.



The bottle is one of the most unique that I’ve ever seen, both in design and the material that I’ve been unable to discern what exactly it is. I think it may be some sort of very soft plastic, and it almost feels and looks a bit like fabric, but it’s tough if that makes sense. By tough, I mean it’s not likely to rip on you. That’s just the front however, the back is made of hard plastic. The bottle itself is very thin, and sleek looking. So thin in fact, that for $38, you get less than an ounce of product.



I quite like the packaging, although the cap does take some getting used to. When I first got it, I tried to take it off in a sideways twisting motion, and it sounded like it was about to crack, and didn’t budge one inch. I finally figured out that you just pull it straight off. That however causes some issues of it’s own, seeing as the front of the bottle is so soft that almost every time that I take it off, I inadvertently squirt some of the foundation out. Gently does it in this case.



About my colour selection? Best decision ever, cause the deep would have been too dark. Medium Filter 4 is the perfect colour for right now, which is my in between colour phase. But, it can be adjusted I think for full on summer or the lighter winter months. Instead of a yellow undertone, it leans more peach, which is good for me because it just melts into my skin.



Now, this foundation has a property that I generally hate from foundations. It dries really quickly, so the first time I was left with a streaky application. I was able to blend it out eventually and fix it with some powder in the areas that needed it, but the next time (and ever since really) I’ve just bee using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream as a primer because it’s just emollient enough that it gives me time enough to work the foundation in. That being said, if you have oily skin, this might just be the one for you as it dries to a matte finish (on it’s own if I don’t use the CT Magic Cream), and keeps oil away.

The wear time on this stuff is absolutely amazeballs. I was able to get (don’t judge me) a little over sixteen hours of wear from this bad boy. I’d had a rough day, so after work (5 hours) I went over to my friends house, we started with some wine, and finished with it being 8am and me waking up with my face still looking like I’d just done it. Like I said, don’t judge me

I think that the properties work something like a built in primer since it is silicone based after all, so if you’re allergic to silicone this is not at all for you. Not to mention the coverage is so complete it’s a little bit scary. It goes from sheer to medium to full in just two applications, and it covered most of my hyperpigmentation spots. Below I have before and after shots for comparison, just ignore the huge hair, I’d just washed and was air drying before I brushed it out. The only concealer that I’m using is the Becca Ultimate Coverage Cream Concealer under my eyes, I’m using no highlighters or anything like that just foundation and powder. That’s it. I’m using my Inglot Loose Translucent Powder in 18 as a finishing powder. For as much as I hate having to fight with my new camera, I love that it shows my skin in as much truth as possible so you can see just how stellar this foundation is. Oh, by the way? This is only one application, so not even full coverage.

IMAG0325_1_1_20150508174724104 (1)IMAG0317_1_1


These next two pictures are the following day when I figured out that I needed to apply in layers and sections so it wouldn’t dry right away and leave me with patches. This is going to be difficult for me cause I tend to use the dot and blend method. I used the BlackUp Finishing powder this time. This time, it’s a layer and a half for more coverage. Since I’ve been afflicted with the ague allergies, and have been blowing my nose a lot the skin there and around my mouth is very dry and flaky. The foundation didn’t accentuate that, but it also didn’t do anything about the pebbly texture of the skin on my nose.



Final Thoughts.

I seriously love this foundation. It’s pretty damn good, and although I hate that I don’t get a full ounce for the $38 price point, I still think it’s worth it and when I run out, I will be repurchasing. Probably the only thing that I would change would be to have more complete shade descriptions that include under tones as well, it’s kind of hard to purchase foundations online without knowing those things especially for brown and olive girls. Beyond that, I’m so excited to explore the range of Jay Manuel Beauty products if all of them are this good. If you do decide to purchase from HSN before the Jay’s website launches, don’t read the reviews, I’m convinced that the majority of HSN shoppers are of below average intelligence and plagued by first world problem like “there are no instructions!” Really? You can’t figure out how to apply a foundation on your own? trial and error maybe? Whatevs. I’m happy to report no breakouts, and I’ve been using for a little over a week, although it would never take that long for my skin to rebel. But here’s what’s up, get the foundation, it rocks my socks and it will probably rock yours too.

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