I Found The Perfect Sunscreen.



And that my friends is Colorescience whipped mineral sunscreen.

Do you know how hard it is as a brown chick to find an effective sunscreen that doesn’t white you out? Lemme tell ya, it’s hard, and that’s my excuse for slacking on sun care for almost a month, cause no one seems to realise brown people need sunscreen too. It may take the darker ones of us a little longer to get skin cancer, but we can and still do get it.  I had previously been using another sunscreen that I ran out of, but to tell the truth, I didn’t really like it all that much. Because it burned a little, it smelled terrible and I’m pretty sure it was slacking on the job since the driving side of my face would at times start to feel like leather.

It’s wasn’t until that side of my face broke out in one big patch of bumps and alligator skin that I took on the tedious task of searching for another brown girl friendly sunscreen…except, this time it didn’t suck so bad. I got this from the Sephora at the same time as the Boscia and Bite products that I got, and tell the truth it was sort of easy. The first thing that I saw was that it was one of few specifically indicating sensitive skin. Then no harsh chemicals? And truly it was a wrap at that, cause I can work with a little bit of white out, so long as the sensitivity issue is addressed, not much else matters to me.

Imagine my surprise when I received it and it was tinted! The photos below sort of suck because I took them in much faded light but you’ll get the idea. It’s tinted a beige brown colour, that has little smell and fades right into the skin. It does have some silicone in it so it does apply like a primer, and I’m betting anything that it can be used as such. I haven’t done that because I’m not sure how the efficacy will be affected, so I continue to use a regular primer over it.




So all that is great, but does it work well? Oh my goodness, yes. Within about a week, by cheek had cleared up and no new breakouts reported for duty. Additionally, that leathery burn I’d feel on my cheeks while driving? Much lessened.


Final Thoughts.

This sunscreen worked so much better than the heavy, white cast giving, Drunk Elephant one I was using before. If you have sensitive brown skin and are having issues finding a good sunscreen that doesn’t make you look casket ready, this is one you should try.

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