Holiday 2016: Smashbox Light It UP L.A. Lights Palette



Oh my god guys! I have such a backlog of products to review for you all. Three weeks ago my work schedule changed and I haven’t been able to write anything since then. Luckily, I was still taking pictures but not writing anything new, so I still have a lot of my vacation haul left to write about, plus a bunch of holiday stuff too. I’m gonna alternate them and maybe by December we can get through all of it, whaddya think? No? Probably not. By the way? If this doesn’t hit the airwaves till after 1? It’s cause I’m writing the night before and I’m hella sleepy so grammatical mistakes abound. And will need to be corrected.

I’m gonna start off with the easiest thing that I can, this lovely palette from Smashbox. I got this because OMG BLUSH! Smashbox isn’t one of my favourite brands, in fact it’s a brand that I barely use cause I don’t for one like the aesthetic, and almost everything that I’ve gotten except a foundation and last year’s materclass palette I’ve returned. The masterclass palette is actually the reason I hopped out on this very thin limb and decided to get this, and also at $39 for five blushes, three highlighters and a contouring powder, how was I supposed to say no?

$39. You figure it’s gonna be a decent size, but definitely not huge. Wrong. The thing that surprised me the most after the heavy plastic keepsake case that came in (which Ulta absolutely ruined for me, see how mine is cracked off?) was just how large it is. The powders come in a sleek semi-matte case with a simple Smashbox across the front, while the lid is all mirror.






Each pan houses .94oz of blush (x5) and the highlighters and contouring powder are each .44oz. Considering that the regular three pan size Smashbox blush/highlighter palette is .20oz of product for each blush,  pan and costs $35? This is kind of a steal. One thing that have always kept me away from Smashbox blushes is that in the pan they look way light and very powdery. The palette that I got last year, taught me that they were anything but, plus they also layer so well without getting cakey that I wasn’t afraid to get it because of the shades that looked too light, cause I knew I would be able to layer, blend and come up with my own concoction.

It’s a mix of corals and berries/pinks which makes this an all year round type of palette, and the highlighters are unique in that you get a berry highlighter, a coral highlighter and the ever present champagne gold highlighter, which is probably my least fave of the bunch. Picture below, but be warned, they are not the best shots.



I kinda liked that they picked coral and berry as overall theme of this palette, cause I’m so sick of pinks. Would I have liked to see maybe a deeper wine/red for fall and winter? Sure, but Flesh and Rich Bronze (which by the way rich? not so much) can be used to deepen the other colours, so in my book that’s a win.

The highlighters, for me are not a win, I find them to be a bit too much, but of course I prefer a much more subtle highlight. Still they can be sheered down, but I prefer to work my way up to that kind of bling. They All of the blushes are matte, so if you’re looking for some shine in your blush, they do mix and layer well with them.


Final Thoughts.

This is a seriously ridiculous bargain, like I don’t think that it could get much better than this. Smashbox does have a few other holiday kits out at the moment. There’s the lipstick kit with the mattifier, there’s also a set with a three blushes, a highlight and contour palette as well as eye shadows. Those are available at both Ulta and Sephora, but this blush palette is an Ulta exclusive, as is the LA Lights mini blush stick set, you guys know how I felt about those when I first reviewed them, I may pick up that lipstick set since they’re all full sized and my only objection (that they aren’t matte) is easily rectified. Get it.

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