HauteLook Joe Fresh (Canadian Drugstore) Haul. 



Are you guys familiar at all with Joe Fresh? I mean, I know of the clothing side of the brand, I own a couple pairs of very unique jeans that I absolutely adore and I’d heard about their cosmetics line intermittently. The brand is a Canadian drugstore one, so being able to find it anywhere in the states is almost impossible, and while finding no shortage of Canadian bloggers that have reviewed the line, finding a dark skinned one proved to be impossible. I found not a one. A month ago Haute Look had a Joe Fresh for sale (they frequently have the brand this is the third time I’ve seen), and they had the entire line, everything priced between $4 and $11. I did some damage.

Sidebar; this will probably be the first and last time that I’ll ever order anything from Haute Look. For one thing, they just take too damn long to ship stuff, I’d actually for gotten that I ordered stuff until it came. Second, I ordered eight items, and received six. Apparently they ran out of two of the items (a powder blush and highlighter), and I got a notification email that they had cancelled both those items, fifteen minutes before the UPS guy handed me my packaged. So, in the four days since you posted it, you couldn’t have sent me an email letting me know that the items where out of stock? And how are the items out of stock if I was able to place the order? Anyway…

So I got six items instead of eight. I got two foundations. The Stick foundation and a liquid foundation. I got two, because from reviews I’d heard that the Daily Boost Fluid Foundation was very light coverage, the stick foundation is full coverage. I really should have known better, what’s light coverage for most people is medium for me.



Funny enough, although the packaging for these is definitely not high end, with the exception of the powder blush, I liked all of it. It’s quite minimalist and simple. The liquid foundation comes in a heavy, double walled plastic bottle with a pump and you get just over an ounce of product for the regular retail price of $18 (or $16, not sure), from Haute Look it will cost you $12. Unfortunately, the shade range is quite limited. The shade that I got is the darkest available in Almond, and it’s my winter colouring. I can still use it now with a powder for adjustment, but only because I haven’t gotten quite as dark as I will yet, and honestly it looks a lot darker in the bottle than it really is.



The Stick foundation ($10.50) comes as you would expect it to, the container is pure white with the Joe Fresh in gold lettering. Now, here’s my other problem with Haute Look, this came completely damage. I had been packed so carelessly (no padding to hold it in place, everything just tossed in a box) that not only did it melt in the heat (not their fault), but it was flung about and half of the foundation wound up in the cap, and the rest of it was all over the box. I had to dig what was in the cap out and put it back in the tube to take pictures.



This also has a limited shade range with Almond being the darkest shade available. But…and this is a bit one, there’s no consistency across the line. The fluid foundation has yellow undertones (quite yellow in fact), the stick foundation is definitely neutral and darker in colour.



After I took pictures of the stick foundation I did throw it out because it would never have worked for me, and also because the twist mechanism was broken. I did get a refund from Haute Look, but I was still pretty pissed off about the whole thing.


I was supposed to have three blushes, but I only got two and one of them I can use so I’m even more salty about the blush that didn’t come. They had a whole host of powder and stick blushes, but I was trying really hard to not dupe myself, but to walk outside my comfort zone a bit. The concession I did make to my comfort zone was the blush that didn’t come, arrrgggghhh!

The powder blush that I did get Cedar Rose ($4), is housed in a small, clear plastic container with a snap lid.



Looking at that picture you’d think the same thing I did when I read the name, a brown based pink no? What in fact this turned out to be was a peach shimmer, with brown undertones. *sigh*

The stick blush in Rose ($7) was a much better colour, in fact it was sight more pigmented than I though that it would be because I chose this shade while sending up a prayer that it would actually work for my complexion. The lasting power is about four hours in the humidity, as it’s really very emollient and doesn’t exactly dry down to a powder finish it stays rather dewy, but it is a very pigmented watermelon pink so for me that makes up for the relatively poor lasting power, but honestly very views things last well in the humidity of a Georgia Summer.




The thing that I was really excited for was the Illuminating primer in Champagne ($11.50). This comes in two colours, Pearl, a white based shade. And Champagne a peachy golden colour. The bottle and pump for this is identical to the foundation.



While I like this, it’s somewhat weird in consistency. It’s a bit loose in texture and doesn’t feel like any primer that I’ve ever used, you can see how it sort of gets stuck in the little fine hairs on my arm in the picture below, even separating a bit. In fact, it doesn’t work very well as a primer at all, unless you want to use it in conjunction with another primer. While it didn’t exacerbate any imperfections on the skin, it didn’t create that smooth canvas that a primer is supposed to either. It does work really well as an under foundation illuminator though, so I think that’s what I’ll use it as.



The last thing I got, and it was just on a whim because I was determined to spend money it seems, I really like. It’s the translucent loose powder. This comes in one shade and II found it to be really universal. No white cast because it is ever so slightly tinted. But what I really love about it is the container, it’s a design that I’ve never seen before and I wish more companies would employ. So it comes in little round jar with an orange cap. Inside is a sifter like you get with most loose powders, but in addition to that, is another little plastic lid that snaps into place to prevent all the powder from tumbling through the sifter and into the chamber. Brilliant!





I didn’t get a swatch of this because it truly is translucent, it simply disappeared on my arm the same way it did on my face. It’s an oil absorbing powder and it held up really well in the humidity without breaking down or apart. I only had to blot once I think.


Final Thoughts.

While I didn’t get all that I wanted from this haul, the things that I did get for the most part I loved. The only that I really could have done without is that stupid blush and the stick foundation. But still, they don’t suck, they’re just not right for me. I think I like this brand, and where it more readily available in the states I would explore more of it. Unfortunately, if I have to get it through Haute Look…I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing that.

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