Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating Powder Compact.



I’ve heard so many rave reviews of Guerlain’s Meteorites that I’ve wanted to try it forever. Everyone from pale to dark brown girls sing it’s praises. But, I could not ever bring myself to get it because…well, it was just a bit old fashioned looking wasn’t it? I mean every time I look at a container of Guerlain Meteorite pearls, all I can think of is the same container on my Aunt Vi’s vanity when I was seven, and she was already way into her sixties…so yeah. In fact, when I thought of Guerlain at all, I thought dated, so I never gave the brand a second glance really even when my mum gave me something (I didn’t open it till recently so I had no idea what it was) as a gift.

Well, sail into the 21st century and Guerlain seems to have gotten the message that yes, perhaps pearls are a bit out-dated for some consumers, and why don’t we try the formula in a pressed compact, beautifully etched in heavy silver?

Why yes, I think I’ll try it now.

You can find the new compacts (new being relative, I think they’ve been around for about six months at least) retailing at Sephora for $62. Yikes! Very expensive, I know. But listen, this stuff? Sort of amazing all around. There are three colours, Clair (01), Medium (02) and the one that I have, Dore (04).

For those of you that don’t know what the Meteorites are exactly, it’s a colour correcting illuminator. Clair is designed for very fair pale skin tones, and has a heavy amount of green in it to help counteract redness. Medium is perfectly balanced with peach and purple tones to counteract sallowness in medium tones, while Dore has deeper peach, gold and orange to counteract darkness and uneven tone. All three shades have light reflecting pearls that add a subtle radiance to the skin, the radiance on Dore is more bronzy than the others.




I tried to get swatches but the colouring was just so subtle that good swatches weren’t possible. I was expecting hype to be completely honest, but did this ever live up to the hype. I wore this as a finishing powder with only tinted moisturiser and I have to say that I was very pleased with the results. Not only did it manage to even out my skin tone, the radiance it provided was so subtle, yet so healthy looking that I was pleasantly surprised.

Now is this, anything like the original individual pearls? I have no idea, and I will never find out because I’ll never own them. But if I’m going on Sephora reviews, then yes, it is every bit a good as the original.

I was very surprised by this powder. I find that I can wear it on it’s own and it seems to distract from my hyperpigmentation marks. It doesn’t hide them, but it seems the subtle radiance that it provides makes them a bit less noticeable. I’m able to wear it on it’s own because of the deep bronze bits the Guerlain team had the forethought to add to the Dore shade, thanks for that and the lack of a white cast on my skin. That darker bronze helps it to become one with my skin. If you’re someone that uses correcting powders (like I use the purple Anna Sui one) and illuminating powders, this could totally be you one and done powder, so the cost kind of makes sense. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not even the most expensive powder out there. Remember the Kevyn Aucoin one? And that only does one thing.


Final Thoughts.

I really did think that I would regret this purchase, but the only thing I do regret (not really, at alllll) is that it spurred a Guerlain purchasing spree! I was also

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