Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Blush or Fluid Sheer?



Did I mention where I’m completely obsessed with Giorgio Armani? I mean, two of my favourite foundations are Armani, and for a long time I wanted to try the Fluid Sheers, but I couldn’t really figure out what they were at first. Where they blush? Luminiser? What the heck are they?!?! Then they’re truly huge, a little over an ounce for $62, plus with 18 shades my confusion just blossomed and I sort of gave up on trying to narrow down the perfect shade, since I wasn’t going to get three or four at that price point.

Then I saw another blog post on the Maestro Fusion blush, and since the Maestro line is my favourite Armani foundation I had to try it, those run for $52 and I had less of a hard time narrowing down colours since there are only three shades, and as you’ll see from the swatches, your girl favours a certain colour family. I wound up getting the shade 300, the brightest of the three shades offered, and it’s a really bright orange coral.



I loved the frosted bottle and the dropper on the foundation, and I loved it here as well. You get a only a half an ounce of this for $52, which I found really weird and which sort of helped my decision to get the fluid sheer when I finally narrowed it down to 18. I just felt I was getting more bang for the buck. initially, I’d decided to go back and get 500 in the blush, but when checking the Armani website for colour descriptions of the Fluid Sheer, I realised that they had smaller travel sizes of the Fluid Sheer in almost every colour for $40. Sephora only has about five or six of them, so I got 6 and 12 from Armani, though I’m not sure if any of the travel sizes are still available at Armani since I can no longer locate them, it may have been a promo when they first launched.



The difference in these for me was pretty dramatic. Although I loved the colour of the blush, I really didn’t care for how boldly opaque it was when I put in on the back of my hand. It builds well and sheers out properly, but the initial was very frightening. Additionally, I don’t really care for the finish. As I’m always saying, I’m quite fond of subtle, the Maestro blushes are anything but. The finished look was very pretty, but too much work to get it to look just the way I wanted it to. In order to get these to not look like two very dramatic spots of colour on your face, you need to work very carefully. Saying that as a dark skinned girl, I can only imagine how painful this would be for a very fair skinned person to work with.

The Fluid Sheers, as the name suggests, are very sheer and will provide you with just a wash of colour that is very buildable, in that sense they’re a lot more like illuminators with a kiss of colour. All of the three colours that I got have a very gold presence in them, and 6, the bright coral has the most. The only issue that I have with them is the tendency to separate, coral with it’s heavier gold shimmer being the biggest culprit. However, working with these is so much easier and a lazy girl’s (me) dream. Since they’re so sheer you can apply as little as you please, building up to the desired intensity. I found them to be much more natural looking on finish as opposed to the Maestro blush, and the gold shimmer eliminates the need for highlighter while adding some dimension to the face. The Maestro blush in contrast looked very flat.

The beauty of the Fluid Sheers as well is that they’re multitasking products, most of them can be mixed with foundation or worn alone under powder or not for a radiant, glowing face. In fact, I got a sample of 03 and the Maestro Liquid Summer bronzer in 10, and I much prefer 03 as a bronzer than the actual bronzer. You can also use them as liquid illuminators providing you get the right colours. Some of them are going to be too pigmented to use as such.

Swatches below;



Fluid Sheer 06 – A bright pink coral with heavy gold shimmer

Fluid Sheer 12 – A dark raspberry with slight gold shimmer

Fluid Sheer 18 – A burnt coppery orange with slight shimmer

Maestro Blush 300 – A bright coral

I’ve heard people complain about the amount of shimmer in the Fluid Sheers, but I personally haven’t had that issue, because I blend and buff the hell out of these suckers. The only one with the potential for shimmer issue is the coral, but that hasn’t happened yet and fingers crossed that it doesn’t.


Final Thoughts.

I’ve used the Maestro blush twice, but I use all of the fluid sheers as much as possible, still haven’t made a dent really, but that was exactly the reason why I got travel sizes because I knew that I wouldn’t. I’m pretty disappointed that I didn’t like the blush because I felt for sure that I would, but hey them’s the breaks. I would likely be more apt to exploring them if they came in a travel size like the Fluid Sheers, or maybe not since I’m lazy. But the Fluid Sheers are a dream and in a pinch if asked I definitely choose them over the blush.

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