Finally! Every Single Colour of BH Liquid Lipsticks That I’ve Wanted And Then Some



Do you guys have any idea how long I’ve been stalking the BH cosmetics site for all the shades to come back into stock?!?

I mean they’re friggin unicorns! New shades would debut and then all the old shades that I wanted would  be out of stock with crazy three month re-stock dates. Finally, when I did my usual summer haul of new products, all of the shades including the new ones were in stock and I got the nine shades that I really wanted. But truth be told, I should have just gotten all of them because wow!



The BH Cosmetics liquid lipsticks were the first liquid lippies that I’d wanted, but because see above, I wound up getting everything in between. I’ve been going crazy buying other brands for the past few months, but now that I’ve gotten these the urge to purchase more from any other brand is gone and I’m not even sure why. Are these the best formulation I’ve ever worn? Most of them yeah, others not so much but still…Maybe it’s the fact that these were the ones that originally piqued my interest so curiosity sated. And Now that I’ve finally gotten my hands on all the shades I wanted, they come out with a new type of liquid lipstick. A girl just can’t win for being broke.

Anywhoo, there are seventeen shades to suit any skin tone and undertone. I’m not quite sure if this is deliberate or not but the dry down on most of these not only leaves you with a different colour, but seems to adapt to whatever your skin tone is. I’m not complaining in the least because I couple that looked absolutely horrendous in the tube, have turned out to be some of my favourites. Because of that I wish that I’d gotten all the available shades, I probably will at some point though.

All the shades I got where variants of nudes, pink/reds and purples because duh. I got Bewitched, Cha-Cha, Clara, Endora, Glory, icon, Jeanine, Lust and Muse. Honestly, I prefer the formula on the matte lipsticks to these. Not because these are bad, but because they’re liquid lipsticks they aren’t consistent across the shades. For instance, the neon shades tend to be really streaky because of the high amount of titanium dioxide required to make the colour that light. No amount of layering makes them apply non-streaky, while the neon shades of the matte lipsticks are a little streaky, layering them helps with that. Also the matte lipsticks seem to last longer through eating and such. Some of the liquids last but again, the brighter shades don’t seem to have that longevity. Luckily most of the shades I got are the darker ones.

Bewitched is a violet purple and if you’ve been reading my blog you know I’ve tried this colour from just about every brand and they all look horrible on me. They look great in the tube, but when I try them on they just look very cool and chalky on me, I’m gonna attribute that to my very golden/peachy undertones because I’ve seen girl my exact complexion rocking Kat Von D’s L.U.V with no issues whatsoever. I think that this has more of a pink base than a blue so that’s probably the reason I can wear it.





This applies well with no streaks and while it lasts long enough, with eating and blotting it does start to break down but does leave a nice pinkish stain.

Cha-Cha is a really bright neon pink in the tube but it does dry down to a mid-toned hot pink. This would be a really beautiful colour if it wasn’t so damn streaky and seemingly determined to put all the flakes on your lips on blast. It also doesn’t last overly long but once again leaves a beautiful hot pink stain.





Clara is just a weird as hell colour. In the tube it looks like a light salmon, you know one of those peachy brown colours? When I put it one thought it looked like a muted orangey brown. When it finally dries down? It’s a bit of a nude pink with a brown undertone. Weird as hell, but it’s one of my favourite shades for a more neutral look.





Endora I was expecting to look like Clara did. It’s close just a lot brighter with more of a pink undertone than a brown one. It can still be classified as a nude since it’s somewhat mid-toned. This is also one of my favourite colours, also one of the ones that applies well and lasts through eating and most of the day.





Glory is boss! Most Buffy fans will recognise it as that bright red shade our resident psychotically entertaining hell-dimension goddess of the same name sported in season five. This texture and formulation of this is a little different from the others in that it feels a lot ore gel-like and goes on sheer, but not streaky. But because of that a couple of layers are necessary to achieve full colour. The dry down on this is not as bright as it is in the tube, and on me reads more of a raspberry red which I’m totally fine with since I almost didn’t get this colour cause it scared me witless.





Icon is one of those colours that is in heavy rotation in my lip arsenal. I have this shade in almost every formulation possible. what I find different about this particular shade though is that it’s a really true blue purple with only a very slight red undertone. This is also one of the ones that applies well and lasts throughout the day no matter what you put it through. The application is a little thin, though not streaky, but you will need a couple layers to make it full on colour.





Jeanine is a shade that was for picked up on a whim, on the website it looked like a lighter version of Endora, but we see how Endora worked out so I was curious as hell to see what this would look like. It also applies well and doesn’t break down easily with all day wear. The initial colour is a Barbie pink, I was however pleasantly surprised that it dries down to a raspberry pink, that unfortunately does not translate well in photos.





Lust was is that brown red that I love. Of all the shades this one the hands down favourite all around. For one thing, it was so comfortable that I kept not only forgetting that I was wearing anything, but I kept checking to make sure that it was still there. which it was, it lasted all day through food, coffee, what have you. This one is definitely the fave.





Muse is the last colour and I got it because based on the website, it looked like a greyed out beige, you know a greige? It turned out to be a deep beige, but on the dry down it has a pink undertone. Not disappointed, I just really wanted that greige colour. This is unfortunately another one that went on rather streaky and like Cha-Cha it hates you lips so it emphasises all your flakiness. It doesn’t translate well on camera but trust me in person it’s a beautiful colour.





And now, swatches of all the colours in one place. My arm!



Final Thoughts.

Pretty happy with all of these even the ones that are streaky, ok except Cha-Cha, that one is a total fail. But the rest are awesome and I’m pretty sure that I’ll be picking up the rest of the collection simply because I’m curious to see what they dry down to since the colours are so wildly different from tube to lips. in any case, you can’t really go wrong with these as they’re rather phenomenal for the $8.50, and really even the ones that don’t translate all that well on camera are much better in person, I would tell you if they weren’t. I legit have no complaints about any of these colours. BH Cosmetics FTW as usual.

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