Experimenting With The Drugstore: Jordana (Picture Heavy)

So I went through that little high end binge a bit back right? But then I decided that I needed to give some drugstore stuff a fighting chance because not all of it is terrible. One of the things that I’ve tended to stay away from in the drugstore realm is foundations. A lot of WOC can tell you that finding a good match in drugstore brands can be a little bit of a nightmare. Ok, a lot bit. I seem to have a particularly hard complexion and undertone to match, even with mid-tier brands I have a very hard time. I usually have to mix and match or use powders and other things to compensate or adjust so that a foundation looks just right on me. When I started using Tarte foundations again and found that the ones with peach undertones matched me best, I was confuzzled. I mean, I’d spent a really long time knowing that my undertones were golden, so what was up with that?

Lemme tell you a story. I went to a colour theory class out here in Atlanta a few weeks back, and the makeup artist dude that was teaching the class experimented on me a bit and told me that my undertones weren’t a true golden. They’re more a peach that leans gold. Mind. Blown. Oh, totally unrelated, but sorta related, this makeup artist was Asian and the only times I’ve ever been colour matched for anything correctly, the only times I’ve ever walked out of any place with my makeup done correctly, it’s always been an Asian MUA and I have absolutely no idea what that’s about.

Long ass explanation aside, what I’m trying to say is this, most luxury brand darker foundations will match me perfectly because they seem to always be some variation on a golden-peachy shade. High end brands I’m usually lost between shades and undertones. And I most often find no joy with drugstore brands unless they’re a really deep golden. And I know that darker skinned women that have olive undertones have much the same problem.

A few months back the Jordana 2-in-1 foundation exploded online. Everybody was talking about how great it was and how great the shade range was. I did a BeautyJoint haul a while back and I decided to pick up a few things from Jordana. The first thing that I wanted was the foundation, I found swatches everywhere online but still couldn’t figure out which colour was right for me. I finally settled on Toffee, which looked as if it had a peachy undertone, and just to be safe I went with Golden Toffee as well even though it looked quite obviously too dark. I also picked up five of the matte lipsticks.




This is a supposedly do everything foundation. Being concealer and foundation in one. It’s a lot larger than I was expecting to be, I saw the tube in pictures and thought small. It’s a full ounce of product, which for the $4.99 I paid for it, performs ridiculously well. With twelve shades, I the range is open to most people, and I was surprised and happy with the variation in undertones for the darker colours as they range from olive, to peach and gold, although I did find the jump in colour from Toffee (10) to Golden Toffee (11) to actually be a leap.

Turns out that I didn’t have to worry too much about the colour choices that I made. Even though Golden Toffee was obviously too dark (but will likely work well in the middle of summer), the colour and undertone of Toffee was almost perfect even if I didn’t think so at first. The foundation comes with a narrow spout for dispensing and I was glad of that because it’s really very creamy rather than a liquid.




The first shade that I used and the one that I took pictures of me wearing is Golden Toffee, like I said I thought Toffee would be too light and although the undertones looked yellow when I first swatched it on my arm and in the picture, they are in fact a warm yellow. It wasn’t until after I applied Golden Toffee that I realised that at the moment it was much too dark. It really is a two in one foundation, I even used it under my eyes for concealment, which it did remarkably well with no creasing, caking or straying. It has a luminous finish, and even as thick as it was on I was very comfortable to wear and I didn’t feel it on my skin. I was even able to wear it with no concealer and it covered all my hyperpigmentation spots. Because it was so luminous and thick, I was afraid that it would break down into an oily mess by the end of the day. It didn’t, in fact it lasted well into a nine hour wear, but it did pool in the corners of my nose, something that I’d never experienced before with any other foundation. Not a deal breaker though, this bad boy it just too damn good.

This is a buildable full coverage foundation. And it really is buildable without looking like cake face. At the same time, you really don’t have to use that much to get full coverage, I find my self always dispensing too much and wasting the balance. That amount on my arm is enough for a full coverage finish. Pictures below wearing Golden Toffee, this was in January when my skin was going through it’s rebellion, and as you can see, it does nothing for texture.



I also picked up five of the modern matte lipsticks, and I went outside of my comfort zone a bit. I’ve been doing more experimentation with drugstore brands and the thing that I’ve learned with them is that when the say a lipstick is matte, they mean a matte finish not matte=will not budge. I really dislike these lipsticks, for one, they budge. For another they smell like playdough. They remind me of the play makeup kits that I used to buy my nieces when they were much smaller, and finally they apply super streaky and will exacerbate all the dry flaky goodness of your lips.




They’re also not particularly comfortable to wear. For as dry as they are, they’re also very emollient sit on top of your lips slipping and sliding around.The only colour that performed well was Style. In these pictures below I’m wearing Toffee as my foundation. As you can see it’s a much more natural looking colour on me.



Classy – Pink Nude.



It Girl – Warm Violet.



Dare – Deep Purple.



Pretty – Peach.



Style – Orange Red.



Final Thoughts.

I love the foundation, it’s a really good value for all the things that it does. Will it unseat any of my higher end foundations? probably not. But for anyone not a spendthrift like myself, it’s a viably good option. The lipsticks I most definitely would not purchase again, even at $2.99 they’re a terrible value, there are other inexpensive brands out there that perform better L.A. Girl comes to mind immediately, and Beauty Treats and so many more. Yeah, leave the lipsticks alone, but definitely seek out and try this foundation.

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