Dupe Alert! W7 Prime &  Glow vs. YSL Touché Eclat Blur Perfector.



Have you guys heard of the British dupe factory W7? Well, if you haven’t you really need to check them out. Calling them a dupe factory is a bit cheeky though, since it makes them seem as if they don’t innovate and create on their own. They do, however, they’ve also managed to dupe some of the most popular mid-range and luxury brands on the market. Some things are a hit, but other are terrible misses and with no rhyme or reason, it just sort of happens randomly.

I did a massive haul in November cause I had over $80 worth of Amazon gift cards and nothing else that I really wanted. It’s also difficult to get it from sellers stateside, most of the sellers are based in the UK. I used the same seller that I always use on Amazon when purchasing hard to find UK or European cosmetics, she’s based in Chatham and ships out really fast. I’ll try and put a link somewhere in the post. Shipping for most of the items was surprisingly fast considering, and almost everything arrived intact.

In any case, one of the first things that caught my eye, and I wasn’t even looking for it, was the Prime & Glow Illuminating primer. One look at it and I knew it was a dupe for YSL’s Touché Éclat Blur Perfector. I had seen and used the YSL version and while I didn’t really like it, I’d meant to get it to test it out in different conditions just to see if it’s performance changed. I didn’t think that the performance rated the $55 price tag, it lasted maybe two hours on me before it started to break down. But, I figured that at $8.99, this version might be worth a try.

As with everything that W7 dupes, even the packaging is, if not identical, at the very least strikingly similar if obviously cheaper. No difference here. The colour scheme for the W7 and YSL perfectors is very similar, the difference being that the YSL doesn’t have a see through lid, and comes with a mirror and it also looks like the luxury brand that it is. W7 while having the same colours is obviously cheaper, with no mirror.




Other obvious differences include the quantity that you get from each. YSL offers .33oz while W7 is .14oz. Aside from those obvious differences, there isn’t much else. A causal glance at both ingredients lists, show an identical roster.

Performance wise, both claim to have a mattifying effect that helps to blur imperfections while imparting a subtle glow to the skin. They both come in the one universal shade of pinky nude that disappears once applied to the skin. And this, is where the two go in different directions.

The makeup artist used the YSL as the primer for my wedding makeup. Instead of creating a glowing, perfected canvas, it immediately dulled my skin and neutralised my golden undertones making my skin appear almost grey and somewhat sallow and sickly. It did appear to mattify at first, but, in about 90 minutes my combo skin started to get quite oily and an hour after that my foundation started to slide off in patches.

W7’s Prime & Glow, did immediately mattify the skin creating a smooth canvas, and it did not neutralise my undertones. Did it provide much of a glow? Honestly, I couldn’t tell, and if I can’t tell then the answer is likely no. The greatest thing about it though? Once I put my makeup on, it stayed in place until I took it off. No slipping, sliding or running away from my face, and I’ve put it through the steam test. It just stays.


Final Thoughts.

Sometimes high end products just aren’t worth the price tag. The Touché Éclat Blur primer is one of them. I find it to essentially be an underwhelming, unnecessary product that performs counter indicative of it’s purpose. This time you can save yourself over $40 and get the drug store option that embarrassingly outperforms it’s higher end counterpart which I won’t be getting because it got trounced by something that cost $9.

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