Dupe Alert! L’Oreal Liquid Lumi Highlighter vs. Becca Liquid Shimmering Skin Perfectors.



These were part of my birthday haul from Ulta, I wound up getting both because at the time Ulta was doing their buy one get one 50% off on most drugstore lines. Like I said I mostly hauled drugstore stuff cause for some reason that’s what I was in the mood for this year. The highlighters are bomb though, so I’m really glad I got them.

Everyone seems to love “That Becca Glow”, and while I am a huger than huge fan of Becca, I don’t care for that glow in the least. As I’ve said repeatedly, it looks hot and sweaty to me, not glowing. What I absolutely do love about Becca products though is the way that they apply, and look very natural on the skin. I own two of the shimmering skin perfectors in Rose Gold and Topaz, a shade I think every brown girl should be required to own. I only own one of the pressed perfectors in Pearl, and to be honest, I don’t even know why I got it as I don’t care much for powder highlighters or powder products in general, I use them in summer cause it’s a necessity, but otherwise…

One of my favourite YouTubers had swatched the powder versions of these and mentioned that they were a dead dupe for the Becca ones, so I wanted to see if the liquid versions were as well. I have no idea what I did with my Rose Gold, I’m in the midst of reorganising all my makeup so I have no idea where a lot of stuff is, leading to them not being able to be swatched. But the two colours that I got were Golden (W101) and Rose (N201). The packaging is nothing fancy, a plastic squeeze bottle with a gold cap, for $12.99 you get 0.67oz, it feels really really light though.




When I first swatched these I was all, yeah these look nothing like the Becca ones, Golden looked especially nothing like Topaz so I was kinda disappointed. They definitely swatch lighter and didn’t seem to have the same depth of colour that the Becca ones do. Golden definitely looked more peachy, and rose seemed to have more pink at the base.



When I applied them however? Damn if Golden didn’t look exactly like Topaz does when applied, same with Rose. Not to mention they applied in the same smooth buildable natural way, and the wear time is boss, stays put till you take that sucker off. Needless to say I was impressed and I wonder if Ice the third colour dupes Pearl, Opal or Moonstone?


Final Thoughts.

There you go ladies another worthy dupe for the budget conscious, broke or cheap (me!). But really who doesn’t like a good lower priced alternative that works just as well as the original?

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