Collective Vacation Haul: Too Faced La Matte Lipsticks.



So we’re starting off with the simplest things to review. I actually hauled these in an Ulta store in Williamsburg. My youngest niece, the one I call My Kid cause if I’d given birth to her she couldn’t look or act more like me, was in one of her funky moods one day and when she’s like that she only wants to be around me for some reason, I don’t get it, I mean I’m not even very nice most days. She decided to stay home with me and I didn’t feel like staying in the house so we went exploring to find some beauty. She’s also the one that’s been picking some of my favourite makeup items since she was four, which I find really ironic because she’s a stereotypical tomboy. Exactly like I was at her age come to think of it.

So we went to Ulta and I picked up two of the new Ulta La Matte Lipsticks. I really like the packaging for this, the boxes aren’t the typical Too Faced pink package, it’s the same graphic design, but the boxes are black. They shiny gold lipstick tube has been traded in for a very heavy matte black one. The two colours that I got, Pitch Perfect (chosen by The Kid) and Hey Gurrl, are members of the pink family.




Pitch Perfect is a cool toned deep blue pink that borders on violet, and Hey Gurrl is your typical mid-toned warm pink. Both are very bright colours. So here’s a really strange thing, even though I’m very warm, I tend to look better with cool pinks on the lips, the same way that I look better in cool reds, I don’t look terrible in warm pink lips, it just has very little impact. On the cheeks, I still mostly need to wear a warm pink, but my lips seem to live in a different zip code.




About the formulation of these. They really, really are very matte, Hey Gurrl tugged a bit when I was applying it, but Pitch Perfect didn’t. They do last all day without much fading, I wore both of them for almost ten hours and even with eating and drinking, I still had to physically wipe them off. However, Hey Gurrl was so matte that it did dry my lips out some and mid-way through the day it had started cracking a bit. By the end of the day it just looked nasty as it had cracked and wound up in all the lines on my lips and just generally looked gross, but even after I used a paper towel to wipe it off I had to go back in with oil because it didn’t all come off. I didn’t have any of the same issues with Pitch Perfect, it was just…perfect all day long, it wore very comfortably and didn’t dry out my lips.


Final Thoughts.

I did wind up returning Hey Gurrl because of all those issues, I debated wearing a lip balm underneath it, but I was afraid that would ruin the finish, plus see issue with warm pinks lips above, so I didn’t care about it too much. Would I repurchase these? Yes, I liked the formula of Pitch Perfect enough that I’d give it another whirl even knowing the formula’s seem to be hit or miss. There’s actually a blue red that’s calling my name and I may just answer.

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