Collective Vacation Haul: Nars Laguna Liquid Bronzer… And What The Hell Do I Do With It?



I saw swatches of this online and I fell in love with it. I was all oohhh, liquid bronzer yeah! I saw it swatched on fair skinned girls, medium skinned girls and dark skinned girl, each time it looked not only fabulous, but a wee bit sparkly. Clearly people have been playing with the Photoshop and it’s knockoff cause this…? Nars Laguna Bronzer is an icon. Everyone swears by it. As a darker skinned chick, you know bronzers are tricky, and I’m by no means a Nars aficionado, so I thought since everyone my complexion, lighter and in between loves this stuff… Ok, let’s break it down.

The Things I Do Like About It.

I love the packaging. It’s huge! One full ounce, the bottle is heavy and I’m pretty sure it’s glass. Great one more thing for me to ruin. Wait we’re doing the stuff I like right? Onwards…Ok, that was it pretty much. Wait! Ok, it’s square, making it easier to store and travel with. Contrary to popular belief, squared items are easier to travel with because they slip into places and don’t leave negative space. Oh, and it has a pump. Ta Da! Wins!




The Things I Don’t Like About It.

It’s very watery. I Have no friggin idea how to properly apply this. With a brush? Sheers it out to nothing. With my fingers? More product left on my hands than my face. With a Beauty Blender? Stop making jokes. There is no shimmer, sparkle, sheen or anything resembling that in the bronzer. It’s matte. By far the biggest disappointment though? It has an olive undertone. It pulled a lovely shade of green on my forehead where I applied to test it, you can almost see it on my arm too.




What The Hell Am I Gonna Do With It?

I purchased this from Barney’s, after the fiasco trying to return the Ambient Lighting blush, I dare not try and return this as well. Besides which, this was pumped and I didn’t used the blush at all. I hear tell it makes a good foundation mixer. I may try it with some of my darker, more red foundations and see how that shakes out. I’ll try it again in the winter when my skin is lighter, since right now it’s the exact shade of my skin, meaning that it’s not actually too light, just too light right now. I’ll try adding something to counteract that green and see if that works at all as a bronzer/illuminator, here’s hoping. Barring that, I’ll offload it on MUABS or…whatever…


Final Thoughts.

I wish I done more research before I bought this, this is totally my fault. Lesson learned. It’s not terrible, I’m sure that it works great for some people, just not for me and that may just be right now anyway. In the winter I may find that I’ve fallen in love with it.

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