Collective Vacation Haul: Illamasqua Vanitas Rose Gold Collection.



For some reason I don’t see a lot of people reviewing Illamasqua. It’s probably because it’s super expensive and there’s no place to buy in the states. But I think I mentioned before if you buy something from and it hits a hundred dollars, (which ain’t hard in the least) you get your order in two days cause they ship it express. I didn’t however, purchase this from the Illamasqua site cause I dithered around so much that Beauty Bay finally got it in stock, and the deal was too good to pass up despite the fact that unless you spend like $400 on BB you’re gonna get your stuff in 13 days the end, unless you pay thirty dollars for express.

But this was too good a deal. The palette is $59 but BB has it for $42. The lipsticks are $30 but BB has them for $21.40, because of that I was only able to get two colours cause the rest were sold out, but the two colours that I got were the ones that I really wanted anyway.

I’m not sure why this is called the Rose Gold collection since beyond the colour of the packaging there isn’t any rose gold in sight. The collection consists of a twelve shade palette and five matte lipsticks, four of which are new colours and one from the permanent line. The palette and lipstick cases are classic Illamasqua with fluted edges and slight curves. The palette although cardboard, is the heaviest, most solid cardboard palette that I’ve come across, complete with full size mirror. Palette porn follows.







A vast majority of the shades in the palette are matte shades, and while it looks like a neutral palette on first glance it really isn’t. I’ve never tried Illamasqua shadows before, I’m new to the brand, but if these are any indication I’m well pleased and likely purchase more. The names of the shades aren’t printed in the palette, but rather, in a line of the back which I found very confusing. I had to go back to the website to figure out which shades were which for the post. I have swatches below but I had a really hard time with them, not because of the shadows but because like an idiot I did swatches right after I got out of the shower. I use oil on my skin and they just kept melting away because of that.


L-R Shades: Slink (Champagne), Stealth (Buttermilk), Servant (Eggshell), Vernau (Yellow Ochre), Bronx (Bronze Gold), Wolf (Chocolate Brown)


Forgiveness (Chocolate Plum), Fist (Deep Plum), Rim (Black Coffee), Tango (Rich Copper Bronze), Terra (Earth Clay Red), Obsidian (Rich Black).


The colours look really unassuming when swatched, but when you put them on they come to life. They are ultra pigmented and buttery, that black is the blackest black I’ve ever come across. Most blacks need to be built up and are more of a dark steel in my opinion, but the first time I used that black in my outer V, I had to start over because I wasn’t expecting that. It’s like they took a charcoal briquette and mashed it into the pan. And there is no fallout at all. While these are ultra pigmented, with the exception of that black, they’re made to be built, so with one swipe unless you pack your brush, you’ll only get normal colouring. As a brown girl, I’m used to having to work for my colour, with these the work was much much less. I’d say maybe one and a half swipes to achieve the colour I have below. And I won’t even bother to tell you my absolute joy at finding a dark brown dark enough for me to use as a crease colour. What I’m wearing below, Forgiveness as a transition shade, Tango on the inner corners of my eye, Bronx on the middle of my lid, Rim on my outer V and Servant as a highlight under the brow.



So not all shadows fade, some for lack of a better term, settle. They’re super bright when you first put them on and then after a while they kind of warm to your skin. These stayed bright and vibrant as the moment I put them on, and I put this on at around 9:30am and took them off somewhere close to midnight. Yep. And I swear every single time I looked in the mirror I was like “oh my god that’s so pretty!” We’ve got a winner folks.

As for the two lipsticks I got, Moth and Resist. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t really like the colour of Resist even though it’s that cool mauve pink that I almost always reach for. I wear cool pinks very well but for some reason this one wasn’t doing me too many favours. I got Moth mainly as an experiment because I tend to look horrible in brown lipsticks, to my surprise it looked great. I think that had more to do with the fact that it’s literally the darkest chocolate brown you could ever find, bordering on black. While moth wore well into the day, Resist didn’t fare so well. The formula of these is matte, but I found Resist to be very dry and drying, it tugged on applying, and it sank into all the lines and flakes of the lips I wasn’t aware were dry. Thanks for letting me know! Swatches below.



I kept trying to get pictures of me wearing both shades, but every shot I came up with was so dismal. I’ve been working back and forth this week between two of our clinic locations and it’s been rough and I’ve been short on time.


Final Thoughts.

The lipsticks I could do without…wait I take that back. Resist I could do without, Moth is lovely both in colour and the way that it behaves. The palette is just…I dunno, it’s a thing of beauty and every time I use it I’m a little bit more in awe and can’t stop saying wow. Did I also mention it blends like a friggin dream? No? Well it does. This palette is really worth the money because even though it may look like it, it’s not just another neutral palette

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