By Terry’s Impossibly Beautiful Sun Designer Palette.



I told you guys that I wasn’t giving up on the By Terry Brand, I’m sorry it’s just too pretty. This was the palette that I’d mentioned I was waiting to get. I was waiting because this sucker is expensive, $82. Yeah. The is part of the Sun & Cruise Spring/Summer (2016) line that also includes sheer plumping balm lipsticks in some sexy colours and a $116 bronzer serum thingy that briefly made me lose my mind and consider making it mine.

You can get this at SpaceNK for sure that I know of, and I’m assuming that it’s also going to be available at Barney’s, Bergdorf’s, Neiman’s and Saks. I waited and got mine from Beautylish because I have a very good relationship with them, and they rock. Someone is always available for a consult if you need it for whatever reason, from skin care to makeup struggles. Beautylish is like having your own personal makeup and skin care shopper, and all you have to pay for is the products.

One of the things that I love the most about them though is the packaging, no matter what you purchase be it one lipstick or a buttload of stuff, it always comes packaged exquisitely with a very old timey, apothecary shop feel, and I always get a little personal note card.




Now that I’ve sung the praises of my fave little San Francisco boutique cosmetics co, back to the palette at hand.

The palette that I got, Tan & Flash Cruise, is one of two. The other Light & Tan Vibes, clearly would not work with my complexion  but I was drawn to the beauty of the colours in this particular palette at first glance in any case. It was a bit larger than I was expecting it to be, having seen the shadow palettes and knowing that they’re somewhat on the small side, I was thought this would be the same.

It comes in a snug velvet dust bag that’s perfect for travel so you won’t scratch the palette itself, and trust me you will not want to scratch this little beauty, it’s too pretty to be damaged.





There’s a large mirror that takes up the entire top lid of the palette, and below that you have six shades of pure vibrancy in the form of three blushes, a bronzer and two highlighters. The pattern and arrangement of the powders inside, mimic to a degree the pattern of the outer palette. The wave like pattern is embossed randomly with Terry on sections in black and the colours are divided by black lines.





The powders are so soft and finely milled that they have the look and feel of fabric, incredibly soft to the touch. The only thing that I was concerned about, and it did prove to be a bit of an issue, was cross contamination. The strips of colour are narrow, and even when finger swatching, I had a hard time not picking up two different colours. What I finally did, was to use a narrow blush brush in small sections when I applied it. Since the colours are so pigmented, that proved to be the better way to apply.

As sheer as these initially apply, they’re highly pigmented and meant to be built. The colour selection in this palette is great for medium and darker skin tones. All of the blushes are variations on pink, with the first being a mauve rose (my go to colour), the second a pink coral, and the last shade which I was totally prepared to write off but didn’t have to thank goodness, is a really bright cool toned pink which works with my complexion by becoming a lilac when I wear it.

There are two highlighters, a pale taupe beige matte shade and a peachy gold number with some slight gold shimmer. Nestled between both is a beautiful golden bronzer that’s perfect for me right now, as I get darker over the summer, I most likely won’t be able to wear it but I’ve never understood wearing bronzer in the summer anyway so works for me.




With the exception of the matte highlighter, which I’ve yet to figure out what to do with since it makes an absolutely terrible under eye powder, all the shades have some shimmer to them. But they’re so slight that they blend out and just leave a bit of a luminous finish. I wore that first shade of blush, along with the peach highlighter and the bronzer as a finisher yesterday for about six hours and everything stayed strong until I removed it, and I got so many compliments on my look.


Final Thoughts.

I own a lot of makeup, I mean a lot. I could probably open my own boutique. But this is by far, is the most breath taking piece that I own. But the beauty doesn’t stop at the looks, these powders are so soft to look at and touch, with  the spongy push back you get from very luxurious pressed powders. Plus, it’s so incredibly pigmented. When I had to swatch them, it took me a really long time to do so, because I didn’t want to mar the beauty of the palette.

All the colours swatch, apply and wear well, and only a small amount is needed for full on colour which is good because it’s not the largest palette. The three blush shades compliment my golden brown skin tone perfectly and they’re a lot warmer in person than they look online.

The middle bronzing shade is a perfect match, with some slight gold shimmer, and that peach highlighter is everything. All of the shades have a slight shimmer but it’s so very light so even if you dislike shimmer, I don’t see it being a real problem.

This is so well worth the money even at $82, and I’m so obsessed that I want to get the other one even though I know it will do nothing for my complexion, I just want to own it!

8 thoughts on “By Terry’s Impossibly Beautiful Sun Designer Palette.

  1. Not today, Cleo!
    Sigh. Already signed up and cart is full!!

    Thanks for this Beautylish shout out!!
    Me Likey!!

  2. I have realized that looooooooooooooooooong ago and have just ‘charged it to the game’. Truth be told, I really don’t mind. I love the sight of brown boxes at my door, full of more makeup goodies. But, damn, Sis!! You got me “Linda Blairin” ova here. A girl’s trying to keep up. Lol!!

    And no, I will most certainly NOT STOP reading your blog. Purpose. The. Defeats.

  3. So. I read up on this product and it’s reviews for the tubed foundation and the bottled foundation. And, my plan is to make a Sephora trip, in the very, very near future, to get my shade matched first. Also, as I have discussed with you previously, I have very fickle, sensitive, combination skin and am hoping that this will be a HG product for me!!! Fingers crossed!!! Thanks, Love!!

    • Are we talking about the Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture foundation? Cause if we are, review Wednesday!
      Spoiler alert… I love it! It’s really good for sensitive skin too. Talking about the tubed one.

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