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By Terry is another luxury brand that I’ve been wanting to try out for the longest time now. I could not however, bring myself to pay full price for it. Why though? I’ve paid higher prices for Burberry, Armani, Guerlain and Le Metier de Beaute, so what was the hitch here? I dunno, just looking at the products made me feel as if they were incredibly over priced, I just had a feeling I suppose.

SpaceNK had a massive sale a while back, and I was able to get the Cover Expert foundation which normally costs $66 for only $33. I also picked up two of the Terrybly Velvet Rouge liquid lipsticks at full price of $46.50 each. The lipsticks and the Terrybly Densiliss Blush were the things that I’d wanted to try, but I decided to hold off on the blush until I checked out these other things, because at $72, it needed to be perfect.

The foundation comes in 14 shades with my shade 12 being the first of the three dark shades. I think it’s being discontinued in favour of the Sheer Expert foundation because when I went back to the SpaceNK website to get a description this morning, I couldn’t find any of the colours. I did get a description from Barney’s but they also only had three shades available. In any case, these are the claims from the brand.


This well-covering and ultra-smoothing correcting foundation adjusts to the skin to reveal a flawless complexion with a velvet and natural finish. Its new generation Intensive Mimetic Camouflage® technology is a combination of “camouflage” prisms, intensive soft-focus micro-powders and ultra-fine mimetic pigments. It erases imperfections, blemishes, sings of aging and adapts automatically to all types of complexions. With high-performance “zero imperfection” properties, a matt-powder but non-drying glide-on texture and a hydra-plumping comfortable feel, it evens out the face with no heavy feel to reveal a perfect, radiant and bright complexion.
As stated, there are 14 shades in this line. I chose shade 12 Warm Copper because it’s described as a medium brown with peachy golden undertones. It comes in a purple squeeze tube and for $66, you get 1.17oz of product, slightly more than the norm. I couldn’t go any darker because not only are there whole solar systems between 12 and the other two shades, but the undertones on those last two are neutral and red.






I found Warm Copper to be more peachy in undertone than golden, which turned out to be a good thing because at first the colour was a little bit off, meaning too light and a peach undertone tends to be more forgiving for me even if a foundation is a bit too fair. True to advert though, in a few minutes it did wind up adjusting to my skin tone and sort of blended in rather seamlessly to that natural velvety matte finish, although a bit powdery. The second time that I used it I added a tiny bit of Face Atelier’s Zero Plus to make it slightly darker and liked that much better than my first go round.

Although this lasted a bit more than seven hours on me with no re-powdering or touch ups, I found that the coverage wasn’t great and I still had to use a lot of concealer to mask my hyperpigmentation spots and the darkness around my mouth. All in all, it’s a nice enough foundation, but I definitely wouldn’t repurchase it, and in fact haven’t used it since those first few times. Swatches below and pictures from the first time I tried it without the Face Atelier adjustments.




The two Terrybly Velvet Rouge liquid lipsticks that I picked up were in Gypsy Rose and Palace Garnet a shade that only seems to still be available on Beautylish. These colours are absolutely beautiful and shades of the same colour family.






Palace Garnet is a beautiful deep rose, while Gypsy Rose is a very pretty bright purple rose, both very beautiful on my skin tone. What I didn’t love? Both have a very, very heavy fragrance that got into my throat, nose and on my tongue, and made me feel as if I’d swallowed a bottle of perfume. Who thinks it’s a good idea to add fragrances to lip products that aren’t foodie or fruity? Who?! I managed to wear Gypsy Rose for less than 30 minutes before I had to take it off and even then, I had to wash my lips because the scent would not go away.

On the plus side, even after wiping it off, there was a stain until I washed my lips which leads me to believe that they are in fact long lasting, and since I wasn’t able to do a wear test, I did a swatch test on my arm and the stains lasted all day, about nine hours. Another minus is that they’re very drying, that being the second reason I had to take it off. After about 15 minutes, it became increasingly painful to wear since I’d forgotten to put on a lip balm underneath. It also dried out my lips to the point that they looked the way they do when they get sunburned, I believe the high fragrance and thus alcohol content to be the culprit in that. I haven’t worn these since, which is such a shame because the colours are stunning.




Final Thoughts.

I won’t be investing in those blushes. My experience with these products leaves to believe them unworthy of their price tags. Others can rave about By Terry all they want, I thoroughly unimpressed with what I’ve sampled so far.

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