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I think it’s been pretty well documented that I am in fact, a foundation and blush hoarder. You know what though? I’m not even ashamed of it. The foundation came about because even though I moved south and permanently became my northern summer colour, out of habit I kept purchasing the lighter shade that I’d normally have used nine months out of the year, and being very confused by it. It was one of those things where, I’m in the habit of not buying something that I can only use three months out of the year, even though that three months had become the nine. Stupid, I know, but my brain was still in New York time so to speak. Then I rediscovered the peachy-ness in me undertones which set off a whole new hunt. But whatever, I’m rambling as per usual.

Bear with me folks, this is about to be a picture heavy post cause I am seriously enamoured with the packing on these guys. Like I explained in my last Burberry post I hauled the foundation and powders from Nordstrom because Sephora didn’t have the Velvet Foundation. I was specifically looking for that one, because I prefer a matte finish in a foundation. If I want a dewy finish, I can do that myself wit powders, illuminators or even primers in a more controlled manner.

In any case, I got the Velvet Foundation Long-Wear Fluid in Trench 208 which retails for $54. The second to last colour because 209 looked as if it had neutral undertones and I’m not about that ashy life. One of the really huge reasons that I fell so absolutely in love with the line is because of the packaging from the very cloth like texture of the outer packaging to the metal look and feel (don’t worry it’s plastic) of the caps on the glass bottles.



The bottle comes with a pump that you can open and close, and I don’t know about anyone else but for me this is really helpful because I always find my self somehow depressing my pumps as I replace and remove my bottle caps.




On first dispensing, I thought that this looked a wee bit too light even for a winter time foundation. However, as I’ve been discovering with a lot of the higher end foundations that I’ve been sampling, this one had peach undertones. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but oftentimes I can wear peach foundations better than yellow toned ones because my skin seems to veer in that direction. If a true golden undertoned foundation isn’t available, peach is the way to go. In fact I find that in the winter time because my skin is lighter, peach is a better way to go because it just becomes one with and looks like my skin. In the summer time though I absolutely need a golden undertone. But as you can see from the pictures below, it just blended into my arm although it’s significantly darker than my face as that’s the arm with the drivers tan year round.




I’m not quite sure that I have the words to describe the finish. Every time that I use it, I’m floored, flabbergasted and wowed anew. I mean, it looks like my skin but so perfect and flawless that I sort of just stand there and stare for a bit. And I look perfect, bout not in that very overly made up dolly way, in a way rather, where you see someone with the most perfect skin you’ve ever seen and you just want to reach out and touch their face. But don’t cause you may get slapped.

It finished to a matte satin, with something of a glow, and your face looks photo shopped, but in real life. I’m so dismal at explaining this right now that I’m just going to show you pictures from two different days.




In the second set of pictures, I used the Becca Topaz mixed with the foundation to give my face a bit more of a glow because this goes from liquid to powder almost and that day, I was feeling rather dry. It may have been a a bad decision since the skin perfector managed to highlight some of the pebbly texture of my forehead and cheeks.

The lasting power starts when I put this on, and ends when I take it off. Period. It does not fade, shift, melt, oxidise or otherwise embarrass you throughout your day. I’d mentioned that the skin perfector causes my foundations to not set, for whatever reason, perhaps the almost powdery finish, it had no effect on this foundation whatsoever. The coverage in fan-frikkin-tastic. I was able to get away with using very little concealer, and did absolutely no colour correcting due to the peach undertones of the foundation. My only issue was the heavily perfumed scent of the liquid, and that’s been an issue for me with most  of the higher end brands that I’ve tried. As someone who despises scents anywhere on my face, it was really hard to get used to, but I liked this foundation so much, and have used it so consistently that I barely register the scent anymore. But sheesh, is perfume in a foundation really necessary?

I also picked up a Sheer Luminous Powder Foundation Compact in Trench 08 ($55) which is a perfect match for the Trench 208 shade in both colour and undertone. At the time I shopped Nordstrom, I was only able to find two darker shades 09 and 10 and both looked to have very neutral undertones. The compact for this and the Fresh Glow Luminous Highlighting Powder ($52) in Golden Radiance that I got, has a very weighty feel and as the caps on the bottles. Both are a mixed metal and plastic construction that aids in the sturdy feel. The Luminous powder came with it’s own brush (which is surprisingly good) and both compacts were snuggled in their very own little velvet pouches embossed with traditional Burberry print, the brush even had it’s own little pocket in the pouch.








I won’t spend too much time on this powder other than to say I loved the attention to detail that obviously went into the pattern. Beyond that, the powder itself was unremarkable. Even on my dark skin I found it to be very brassy and a tad sparkly. It felt quite overwhelming and so I gave this away rather quickly.

I got the powder foundation really for the summer time. True to it’s name, it’s quite sheer. That being said it can be built up and worn with concealer for complete coverage. Like the liquid foundation the coverage and finish is beautiful. It doesn’t look powdery no matter how much you use and it lasts about that long. However, and I’m almost sure it’s because we’re now in winter, it because somehow uncomfortably drying after a few hours, but really this is why I bought it for the summer.





Opps! Put that in backwards didn’t I? Anywhoo, as with the foundation, this is perfumed, to a much lesser degree thank goodness, but perfumed in any case. I was really pleasantly surprised the most I thin by the texture, it’s almost like cloth. It’s a very very soft powder, and if you press a finger to it you’ll find that finger sinking as if into a soft yet firm cushion, when you remove your finger though, there’s no mark to say you were ever there.

The is also another compartment in the bottom of the compact that I almost missed, and it holds an application sponge. Since I don’t use sponges for powder applications, I can’t really say if it’s any good or not. The powder has a very peachy undertone, one that I’ve honestly never experienced in a powder meant to be a foundation. In finishing powders it’s quite common, so when I got this and used it the first time, I was beyond thrilled.







Final Thoughts.

I regret nothing! Was this pricey? You’d better believe it. Was it worth it? Best freaking haul ever!!!

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