Burberry Beauty; A Worthy Obsession.



I’ve been on a luxury makeup kick for a few months now. It started right after the wedding around the time of the Sephora VIB/Rouge sale, just before black Friday I think it was. I’m not really sure what came over me. It may have been the euphoria of getting married, or more likely (sorry love) the thrill of getting independent of wedding gifts, more than $400 in Sephora gift cards.

I’ve always said that I don’t see the point of luxury brands of makeup. I feel like the price points are more than a little bit ridiculous, but, I decided that I wanted to see if in fact there were a difference between regular ole brands like Too Faced and Burberry and it’s ilk.

I hauled Burberry from two different places, Sephora and Nordstrom. The reason I hauled two places? Sephora only had the Fresh Glow Luminous Foundation, and I’m very leery of any foundation with luminous in the title. I had originally planned on getting the Cashmere foundation directly from Burberry, but by the time I finally made up my mind it had disappeared from the planet. I swear that foundation debuted in September and was gone a little over two months later.

The Lip & Cheek Blooms, I got from Sephora, and initially I had gotten three colours, Purple Tulip, Peony and Orange Blossom. Except, I hadn’t planned on getting Poppy and wound up having to repurchase it when much to my surprise I loved the way that Peony looked on me. I loved them all so much that I then went back and got Hydrangea, the only colour that I don’t have to swatch for you today in Rose, because yeah, way too light.

I’d meant for this post to be an review of the Cheek Blooms, but time has gotten away from me, so I’m unable to go into as much detail as I’d like at the moment. Instead, I’ll just give you a preview of the things I got and some cosmetic porn in to form of snaps.

I got the Velvet Matte Foundation, Sheer Luminous Powder, Cheek Blooms and Fresh Glow Powder. There are only four Lip & Cheek Blooms in the picture because I took photos before I went back and got Hydrangea.







It’s all quite lovely isn’t it? I swear they get me with packaging every single time. Till next time ladies!

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