BH Cosmetics x Ashley Tisdale Illuminate Collection.

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When I first heard about this collection on Instagram I was so stoked.  I pretty much stalked the the BH site and signed up for email alerts and bought what I wanted five minutes after I got the email. Unfortunately there isn’t very much to the collection at this point, I was told that later on in the summer highlighters would also be launching, but right now the collection consists of two full face palettes, six lip and cheek tints and six lip glosses. Since I don’t wear lip gloss, those were a hard pass, but I did pick up one of the palettes and three of the lip & cheek tints. I almost got all of them, but some of the colours straight up looked like they would do my beautiful brown no justice. I also went ahead and did my normal summer haul of new BH products, plus every single shade of liquid lipstick that I’ve ever wanted since the stars seemed to align and they were all in stock at the same time. I’ll have those up soon-ish. I’ve been pretty shaky on posts lately cause I started a new job a month ago and it’s a grown up one so by the time I get home in the evenings I barely have time to get my stuff ready for work the next day, pictures and posts get forgotten somehow.

Anywhoo, I’m only going to do the Ashley Tisdale stuff cause those liquid lipsticks deserve a post of their own. The lip and cheek tints ($8.50) that I got where Coco, Espresso and Red Velvet. The boxes that everything comes in are really pretty gold and white, and I really wish that had extended to all containers for the tints. Instead, they’re housed in a round white plastic container without a mirror, but the lids are clear so you can see which one you’re picking up without opening.




As I said, I got the colours that I thought would suit me well, and while I’m happy with Espresso and Red Velvet, Coco was a fail. On the website, and even in my own pictures, it looks like a brown mauve, in reality it’s a peachy nude that isn’t suitable for my skin tone. Also? Names have absolutely nothing to do with the actual colours.






Espresso is a gorgeously deep brown red, and Red Velvet is a true deep red with somewhat pinky undertone. These truly are tints by the way, they’re very emollient and feel comfy on the lips, unlike a lot of multiple use products. Even though they’re emollient, when worn on the cheeks they don’t look or feel greasy at all, and while sheer I found them really easily built.



The only other thing that I got was the Night Goddess palette ($18) and I chose this one because it looked brown girl friendly and because it didn’t have a peach blush shade. It has nine shadows, a bronzer, a blush and the most gorgeous rose gold highlighter. The case is pretty sturdy cardboard in alternating lines of baby pink and white, it’s really not anything too special, And it has a large mirror set in the top portion of the palette.







When I first saw the colours I was very meh about them, for one thing I hated the lay out, and for another, none of the colours looked like anything special. Until I swatched them and fell in love with all of them. For the most part BH Cosmetics creates excellent shadows, but every once in a while they can be hit or miss. These are definitely a new formulas cause I’ve never used BH shadows that were so soft and buttery. I had absolutely no fall out, and they applied well with and without primer and they lasted all day. The colours are also not what they first appear to be. They’re a lot more tonal and multifaceted than they look at a glance.

The bronzer is clearly too light for me to use right now, and I may not even be able to use it in the winter time. Fortunately, it’s almost matte so I’ll be able to use it as a finishing powder. Dangerous is a neutral dusty rose and Dawn is rosy champagne highlighter with a soft, warm brown undertone.



All the shadows are satin shades with the exception of 4AM which is a matte black. There is one semi matte that is a brown girl transition shade in After Dark. All the colours are what one would expect in a palette called Night Goddess, they’re great for  dramatic evening eyes and smoky looks.



Final Thoughts.

Even though I was stoked about the collection I was also a bit sceptical as I usually side-eye celebrity makeup collections as they’re usually beyond horrible. But I should have trusted that BH would do a really good job with this, and they did. The shadows are even better quality than their norm, and it’s affordably priced. The only thing that I would have changed is the shape of the shadows, they irk me, but that’s really the only thing and it means less than nothing since the formulation is awesome. If you haven’t checked this collection out as yet, I highly recommend that you do.

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