Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation



Whenever I hear the words luminous and foundation in the same sentence, I tend to walk away real fast. For someone that has combination skin that most often veers towards oily, that can turn into you just looking like a greaseball. But, it’s Becca so you know that I had to at least try it, even though that always touted Becca Glow just looks greasy and hot to me.

This foundation was a trial for most people I think, for one thing it only comes in 8 shades. According to Becca they’re flexible enough that they adapt to each person’s individual skin tone. Though how something neutral is going to adapt to my yellow/gold/peach undertones was entirely beyond me, but I decided to be a boss about it and do it anyway.

It comes in a frosted glass bottle with a fancy dropper mechanism where when you close the bottle the dropper depresses and upon opening it, it pops up with purportedly the perfect amount of product for one application. Nah B. I needed at least three droppers worth for a full application, since this ain’t exactly full coverage or even medium, but sheer, although it can be built to medium without being cakey. It won’t cover the worst of your imperfections even at the fullest coverage, so be prepared to break out that concealer or colour correct first.




The 8 shades follow the classic Becca colour groupings, so like my typical Becca would be Tobacco when I’m darker and Amber during the winter months when my colour flees and I’m just straight up more yellow than brown. In that case my shade in this foundation would be number 7 Dark Golden, described as deep with neutral/golden undertones. 

However, when I tried Dark Golden it was at least two shades too dark, and that sucker oxidises. In fact, in fact they all oxidise. And now dear friends, here’s the story of how I wound up getting two shades instead of one, though the distance in colour between the two aren’t overwhelming, it’s literally for me like going from winter to summer shades. 

They could however have done better quality control since the dropper on one of them works not at all, and the other formula separates like mad constantly.



Now because Dark Golden was two shades too dark and oxidised, I figured I’d go up two shades to Tan, which is described as Medium/Tan with neutral undertones. The colour of Tan this time of the year, was perfect. The undertones however, were really very neutral. Or so I thought at first. Tan oxidised as well, but you know that whole adapting to each skin tones perfectly? Yeah well…remember how I’d said that I’m more yellow than brown in the winter time? Ok so this is how it looked when I first applied it



It’s very neutral as you can probably tell from how not so vibrant my skin looks. Well fast forward about six hours and not only has it oxidised, but I was yellow as hell! Like almost jaundiced looking yellow. It was kind of embarrassing really, walking around not knowing that I looked like that. But the wear time on this is killer in any event. It didn’t beak down at all. I did have to blot once I think, because I felt that I looked a bit shiny. But it does give a backlit glow like you’d get if you used the Backlight primer under some other foundation.

I didn’t return it, and I was in Sephora checking something out, when on a whim I just decided to pick up the next darker shade Warm Honey which is described as Medium/Deep with neutral undertones. Sorry no. There ain’t nary a neutral undertone to be found anywhere in this shade, it’s very very warm. 

When I tried it I thought oh my goodness perfect, but believe it or not it was just way too warm on me and it just got warmer the longer that I wore it. And once again, it oxidised. You may not be able to tell from this picture, or maybe you can if you look at the difference between my face and chest (that redness on my chest is from just getting out of the shower), but a few hours later my face just looked sort of muddy. Luminous, but muddy.



So it seems as if I’m somewhere in between both those shades in terms of undertone if not colour. The Warm Honey on it’s own will do just fine in the summer I think, but in the winter what I’ll have to do is mix both to get my perfect shade.



Close enough. One of the things that I’ve never liked with most Becca liquid products in that I can always feel them on my skin. Which is why even though I love the warmth that my Topaz liquid perfector imparts to the skin, I rarely use it all over because I want to scratch my face off when I do. In contrast to that, I don’t feel this on my skin at all and the smell that generally accompanies most Becca foundations is absent. This may be my favourite Becca foundation to date, just on the strength of those two things.

Speaking of the perfectors, I also did pick up the new Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl that I have a swatch of in case any dark skinned ladies would like to see it on brown skin. I was initially worried that it would only be for fairer skin tones. But it can be sheered out to a very light pearlescent, champagne like colour which is beautiful on my skin tone. The swatches below are very heavily swatched.



Final Thoughts.

Despite the issues with finding the correct shade and undertone, I actually really like this foundation. It gives a nice backlit glow without being over the top. Yeah, I felt like I looked greasy, but that’s a personal hang-up of someone that had very oily skin for a long time. Plus every single time I’ve worn this (my personal combo) I’ve never failed to get compliments from every single person that I talk to. 

Including my twelve year old niece and her dad (my brother) who never ever notices mine or anyone else’s makeup, I mean he’s a dude…so yeah. If you can find the right shade, this is just about perfect for adding glow without using extra products, as a bonus, you most definitely do not need to use highlighters when using this foundation, I did anyway, but you don’t really have to.

I like this a lot better than the Stila Aqua Glow Serum foundation which is weird because I almost always love Stila foundations, but for once Stila’s shade selections sucked, even more than these did. I’m going to reserve judgement before saying this is my favourite of the water-glow (my own moniker) foundations, because I’m still testing out the Tarte Rainforest of The Sea foundation and I have a feeling that may be the winner. As of right now though, as far as luminous foundations go, my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk still wears the crown.

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