Anti Holiday 2016-BH Cosmetics Marble Collection Palettes.



I find it patently ridiculous that with all the holiday items, many of them more grandiose, that this was the package that I was most excited to get in the mail. I think that a lot of it has to do with the aesthetic of the thing, these palettes are like nothing we’ve seen from BH so far.

There are two palettes in this set, Cool Stone and Warm Stone, I’m anxiously waiting to see if the release a blush or highlighter palette because I am so frikkin there! They aren’t the largest palettes, they travel easily and fit into the hand comfortably. Unlike previous BH palettes that are cardboard, each twelve shade palette is made of sturdy plastic with snap closures and full mirrors in the lids. The design on each palette mimics marble with the Cool Stone looking like pink Marble and Warm Stone, grey marble.





I was immediately drawn to the colours in the Cool Stone palette, because not another neutral palette obviously and because the colours looked so ridiculously vibrant. And although you wouldn’t immediately think it when looking at Cool Stone, both of these are perfectly perfect fall palettes. While BH shadows are generally good, with a lot of pigmentation and last forever, the formula on these felt different. For one thing they feel like ABH matte shadows with the extra soft feel, where if you press a finger into the pan, there’s a bit of give, almost like pushing on a cushion. For another, they glide on beautifully with just one swipe, no tugging or hitching, as can sometimes happen with even the most pigmented of BH shadows, they can sometimes be a bit dry particularly the matte shades.

In essence, these are high end eye shadows at a fraction of the cost. Both palettes seem to be made up equally of five mattes, five satins and two high shine, almost glittery shades. The glittery shades in both palettes work reasonably well although you can get some fallout if you try to swipe it on too much. Fortunately they have complimentary matte shades that you can pack them over. Another thing that stoked about this palette is the layout. If you look at both of them, you’ll immediately see that not only are they grouped well in rows, they’re also grouped well in columns especially in the Warm Stone palette, which is great for someone like me that has small eyes, and at times has to struggle to get three shadows going on that small lid real estate.






The shadows are still vibrant, apply and blend well, and are very long lasting. In each palette there is one shadow, though while not a dud per se, has a crap ton of fallout, the placement of both is ironically in the same place on both palettes, the first shade in the last row. Swatches and looks below of Cool Stone, and you can see from the picture below that the fallout is pretty bad.




Warm Stone is your typical neutral palette and contains all the usual warm nudes, plus a few other colours thrown in for spice. I almost didn’t get this one because I truly do not in the least need another neutral palette, and in truth I’m getting pretty sick of them. But at $12 each I figured why not get the two of them so that I could show them to  you guys? See how much you’re loved? Can I just say? Not even intentional, but would you just look at the lovely fall foliage caught in the mirror of the palette? Perfectly exemplifies the mood of it I think.





I was somewhat disappointed in one of the shades in this palette, it’s the one that I talked about before, the first in the last row. It’s really chunky and applies patchy with a ton of fallout, but it’s one of the prettiest colours I’ve ever seen. It’s a warm peachy pink, with an iridescent shift to a brighter pink. There’s also a pretty peach that’s unusual for a neutral palette, and even on my peachy complexion it doesn’t disappear. Swatches and looks below.




And yes, I am wearing Dahlia from Jouer again. I have been and will wear this as much as is humanly possible, ride that sucker till the wheels fall off. It’s such a beautiful colour that transcends seasons, couple that with that fact that I can eat (greasy azz food) and drink and never have to touch up during the course of the day? This might be the only lipstick that I run out of. Mama’s gonna need a backup.


Final Thoughts.

I didn’t have any fading or migration issues with these, even with the spectacular fallout from that one shade. They lasted the day and into the night until I started rubbing my eyes, then you know, eye shadow everywhere. I think these are a spectacular bang for the buck, even with the single dud in each palette, I’m almost wondering if they did that on purpose seeing as the placement in both palettes are the same. Nah. BH shadows like I said have always been good, but these? These are definitely something special.

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