Another Kiko Milano Haul.



What can I say? I like the brand. Plus, I knew if I waited patiently some of the things that I wanted from early summer releases would eventually go on sale, and oh baby have they ever! To the tune of over 50% off both the Artist and Lovegrove collections are now on sale. I flirted with the idea of getting a lot more stuff, since over the July 4th weekend, they also had an additional 30% off coupon, but in the end I decided to go ahead and just get the things that I really really wanted, everything else can wait. I also picked up three items from the new Beauty Games collection, there were more items that I wanted from that collection, but I decided to go ahead and get the things that had the highest sell-out probability, I’m not doing a review on those today either, I’ll wait till I get the rest of the items that I want.

I only got two items from the Artist collection, the Glacial Light Soft Sifter foundation in Warm Beige 60 (05) and the Loose Velvet Powder in Medium. These were the only things beyond the brushes and blushes that I cared about when the collection debuted, but by the time the sale came around the brushes and the blush colours that I’d wanted were sold out. I got both of these for $6.90 and $5.90 rather than the original $15 and $12.




The thing that drew me towards this particular collection was the very colourfully playful aspect of the packaging. The thing that kept me from going forward was the seeming lack of colour selection in the foundations. When I saw swatches of all the shades, 05 looked to have the right undertones but was a bit too light, and the darker colour Neutral 80 (06) was most definitely neutral. But I figured I could experiment for the $6.90 price point rather than $15. I’m weird like that, if I buy something for less than $10 and it doesn’t work? “Kanye shrug”. More than $10 though and I’m pissed beyond all rational reasoning.

Both the powder and the foundation are housed in round plastic tubs with screw off tops, in that way it’s different than other sifter foundations that come in a bulky snap compact with the sponge, and I prefer this. The sifter is a soft mesh with some give on both of the containers. The caps for both of them also have a convex middle that theoretically covers the well opening and keeps product from leaking all over the well of the container. So far it works really well for the powder, for the foundation? Not so much.



When I opened the foundation I wasn’t really worried, it was light but more like my winter light so I knew that it would be perfect then. When threw me was it seemed more neutral than warm. Then I swatched it on my arm and it seemed impossibly light, not even winter light, but something way beyond anything my complexion would be able to work with. Although I will say that the swatch picture below is really washed out, it’s not that light, not even close.




Then I blended it into my arm and something ridiculous happened, it disappeared into my arm mostly, and bear in mind that my arm at this point of the summer is much much darker than my face. So why does it blend in so well? Because it has very little coverage, it’s more like a tinted (very lightly tinted) moisturiser, it also wasn’t as neutral as it appeared, it wasn’t yellow or golden, but it’s pretty warm. It’s a good foundation if you want something light that just evens out the tone of the skin or if you don’t need too much help, if you need coverage, concealer is your friend.



I got the Loose Velvet Powder in Medium because I think I’ve learned my lesson with getting the darkest shade in Kiko powders, they just don’t fit me well as they’re too dark and warm/red. I almost got both Medium and Dark just to be on the safe side, but at the last minute only got medium. Turned out to be a good decision as medium is actually a beautiful golden brown colour, while the Dark shade definitely looked very neutral on the website and swatches I’ve seen. The powder does offer some coverage, you can at least build it to medium and it gives you a natural looking finish, so it pairs really well with the foundation that has so little coverage.




Now how do these apply and wear? The foundation surprisingly wasn’t too bad even though it’s too light right now. I was even able to build it a bit for just a tad more coverage, and with concealer it’s decent. The addition of the powder pulled it back closer to my complexion although still a bit light. Both apply very well, no cakey-ness and beyond the shade both looked very natural, like skin and can’t be felt on the skin. I didn’t wear the foundation out since I’m not crazy, but I did use the powder and got about six hours of wear before it started to break down when my face got oily during lunch when I usually sit outside. In that sense, I don’t think it’s built for hot and humid climes.

From the Lovegrove Collection Summer Collection I got two Free Spirit Lip & Cheek Pencils in Free Flamingo (103) and Horizon Sangria (104) for $5.90, originally $12. They’re really big, much bigger than I expected them to be in fact, and each one comes with it’s own sharpener in the box, something I can always use more of.





These are supposed have a semi-matte texture so that they can easily be used on the cheeks. I loved both colours, I almost got more but these were the two I’d been eyeing for a bit. Free Flamingo (103) is a red orange and Horizon Sangria (104) a deep red with a brownish pink undertone. while they are semi-matte, they’re a bit difficult to blend into the cheeks. They apply well, it just takes a whole lot of time and effort to blend them out. The lines that I drew were really hard to blend into my skin and I couldn’t help but think if it were this hard for me, it might be damn near impossible for someone with lighter skin. Regardless, when blended out, you’re left with a sheer beautiful wash of somewhat luminous colour on the cheeks. As a lip colour, they work much better, gliding onto the lips and setting with little transfer. They last until taken off the cheeks, but with normal activity they gradually fade from the lips leaving behind a nice low-key stain.




Final Thoughts.

This is another great haul from Kiko, I liked everything although I could probably do without the foundation. As much as I like a lighter, more natural look, this is just too light, but this may change in the winter as my skin tone changes I may find that I can build it up for more coverage. The sale is still on going and probably will be for a while but get over there and snatch some stuffs up if you’ve been on the side-lines trying to decide if you should buy, at these prices the answer is a resounding yes!

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