All Bases Covered. Liquid And Powder Foundations.

I usually do some sort of roundup at least once a year. Mostly. Sometimes it’s foundation, but mostly I’ve been doing a lot of skin care for the last few. Not that anything is wrong with that, but since I hoard foundations and blush, why not that instead? When I do a foundation roundup, it’s to say which ones I liked and didn’t like and why not. And that’s because often times I haven’t reviewed most of the of the foundations that I’ve bought. I’ve gotten better about that, so this time we’re gonna do something different. Since I’ve been experimenting more with drug store foundations, I figured that I would show you which ones compare to the mid-tier and luxury brands I’ve also purchased. I’m not going to go into the properties of each and why I like them or not, that would take way to long, and I’ve already reviewed most of them. Instead, I’ll give you the high end brands and the drugstore formulas that in my opinion correspond and add links to the reviews. Once again, my opinion, you may not agree. I’m not sure if I’ll be splitting them up into powders and liquids or what, that all depends on how long this particular post gets, we’ll see at the end. I was going to do blushes as well, but realised that for the most part, I don’t really purchase a lot of high end blushes cause I just love blush so I acquire them wherever I can. But we’re also gonna see how that turns out.

Le Metier de Beaute Flawless Finish Foundation ($68)/L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte ($12.99).


Let me start off with my favourite luxury foundation and what I consider it’s drugstore counterpart. The finish on L’Oreal Infallible is almost exactly like that of the formula of the LM. Although I think that the LM is a lot more matte and thicker in consistency.


Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation ($62)/L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation ($4.95).


These are made by the same company and so the finish, formula and consistency is exactly the same, it was a conscious dupe. The only difference is that the Maestro will cost you $62 while the other will run you between $4 and $10 depending on where you buy it. The L’Oreal has been discontinued here in the states, but not abroad so you can still readily find it from sellers on eBay, Amazon and I got mine from Bridgette’s Boutique. The only real difference that I found is that the shade I wear in L’Oreal Foundations, Classic Tan, is a hair less warm and more yellow than the Maestro.


BlackUp CC Cream 04 ($39)/Sleek CC Cream Medium ($13.49).


Technically neither of these is a foundation, but they give excellent coverage and are both long lasting and beautiful, with great colour and undertone matching for darker skin tones. The BlackUp is a hair more matte than the Sleek, but when applied are virtually indistinguishable from each other, which is a good thing because the BlackUp CC has been discontinued.


Jordana 2-in-1 Foundation($9)/Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Foundation($39).


I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why it seemed so familiar when I first tried the Jordana. Eventually I realised that it reminded me a lot of the Tarte foundation. Both offer the same complete buildable, non cakey full coverage finish with excellent colour matching and a dewy finish.


Tarte Beyond BB ($35)/Sleek BB Cream Medium ($13.49).


The only difference between these two is the undertones. Tarte’s is peach and Sleek’s is heavily golden. They both combine excellent coverage and lasting power, with a flawless coverage. I think the Tarte has been discontinued, but I’ve seen it on Amazon and at Bridgette’s boutique as well as eBay.


Guerlain Lingerie De Peau ($63)/Covergirl Ready Set Go Foundation ($7.99 @Ulta).


These two are identical just like the Maestro and L’Oreal Nude Magic. The only thing that sets them apart is the Covergirl is a tad more warm and doesn’t break me out. Oh, and the price point, but you can find the Guerlain cheaper on eBay and Amazon.


Cargo Tinted Moisturiser Tan ($36)/Ultraflesh Tinted Moisturiser Radiant ($4.95)


The Cargo Tinted moisturiser is one of the best and most complete that I’ve used, the packing in this picture is the old one, but it’s still available for purchase. The Ultra flesh tinted moisturiser is hands down the best tinted moisturiser that I have ever used. Hands. Down. I use this almost to exclusion, it’s that good. It covers everything and leaves you with just flawless looking, radiant skin. It’s been discontinued, but I got mine at Bridgette’s boutique and it’s all over eBay in all the different colours.


Powder Foundations, Finishing Powders, Translucent Powders.


Sleek Loose Translucent Powder Light ($8.49)/BlackUp Loose Powder PLL 03 ($32.00)


The two powders are almost identical. I prefer the BlackUp because it has a more noticeable yellow/golden undertone, while the Sleek is much more neutral which means more skin tones. The BlackUp powder had been rebranded as the Anti-Shine Loose Powder and one new shade had been added. But trust me, it’s the same powder.


Givenchy Poudre Bonne Mine Amber Croisiere ($55)/Sleek Luminous Pressed Powder 03 ($10.49)


These powders are identical in swatch and finish. This particular iteration of the Givenchy has been discontinued, there’s a new less awesome version on the Sephora site. Both of these are very sheer and just impart a healthy looking warmth to the skin. The Givenchy is a hair warmer than the Sleek.


UD Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Dark Warm ($36)/BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Matte Powder ($5.50)/L’Oreal Infallible Classic Tan ($5-$9)/Ultraflesh Pressed Powder Radiant ($ Varies).


These are all full coverage powders except for the Ultraflesh, even though the finish on it can be easily built to full without looking cakey. Of all of them, my favourite is the Ultraflesh, I’ve hit pan on it and that is my second, plus I have a backup. All of these share in common a very golden undertone. The UD is possibly a little dark, but at the time this was the only shade they had that fit me. Now they have new shades, and I may try the Medium-Dark Golden. All of them also have a matte finish. I’ve heard the BH Cosmetics powder compared a lot to Mac Studio Fix, and as someone that used to wear that almost exclusively, I can concur. The biggest and in my opinion best difference between that and the studio fix is it’s more golden in tone.


Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish ($45)/Kiko Milano Compact Mineral Powder ($5.50)


These two aren’t exactly the same. While they both leave behind a beautiful airbrushed finish, the CT has much more of a neutral lean and is slightly too dark for me. The Kiki Milano has a peachier/yellow finish and works better for me most of the year. I actually do prefer the KM, but I’ve taken to wearing the CT when it gets warm and my skin darkens.


Honourable Mentions.

Inglot Loose Translucent Powder 19 ($24).


This is the powder that I’m always raving about. It’s just seriously the best powder that I’ve ever used, even if it’s way too dark for me even in the summer time. I’ve tried replacing it with others and I’ve found nothing that comes close to it in luxury, mid-tier or low end brands. It has no equal. You can wear this alone or over liquid foundation and no matter what it will always look stunning. It holds up extremely well in the ridiculous Georgia heat and humidity without missing a beat. I keep threatening to get a better shade, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. You can find this on the Inglot US website, but I got mine from Beautylish.


Rich On Malibu Glitz (Honey $ Buff) & Santee Prisma (Caramel) Powders. $1.




These are so much better than $1 powders have any right to be. The finish especially on the Malibu Glitz powders is really an airbrushed one. The only problem that I have with those is that neither colour is just right and they have a definite neutral lean. The Prisma powder on the other hand combines the airbrushed look with the perfect shade and beautiful golden undertone. None of these is full coverage, or even medium, these are for someone who has pretty decent skin who’s just maybe looking to even out, or perfect they’re perfect as translucent finishing powders. I got both of these from where everything is seriously $1, and some of it is surprisingly good.


Final Thoughts.

That’s it for the foundations ladies, I told you it may be too long for anything else. So next up…dunno yet. We’ll see what I get done first, lol! By the by, all of these are sensitive skin tested and passed, except for the Guerlain foundation.

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