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Ole Henriksen is one of those brands that people rave over constantly. It’s lauded for it’s clean organic ingredients and also for how well the products supposedly work. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but I’ve been wanting to dabble for a bit. Like when my skincare comes to me like this rather than me having to work for it, yeah well know I’m lazy.

The box that was sent over was chock full of goodies that are staples/best sellers from the line, all are travel/deluxe sizes but they’re large enough for multiple uses so you know how well the products work. Or don’t. I’ve been using this for about two weeks now, so I’m gonna break it all the way down for you.



Power Bright System ($55).

The full size of this is a three step system of scrubbing and resurfacing masks that come with six blister packs, plus two complexion sponges. I only got one blister pack for a three step regimen, but I did get the two sponges. The scrub portion of it was only enough for one time use, but the two masks were enough for multiple uses.





The sponges are flat until you wet them, then like a beauty blender they get larger. I actually really like them a lot. I feel like I get a better clean, and I use less product because it lathers better than just my hands. Plus the textured surface helps to better remove dead skin cells, so I wind up with fresher looking complexion when I use it. The only thing that concerns me is that it may store bacteria, but so far I haven’t had any adverse reactions.

Step 1: The scrub, is your basic sugar scrub infused with vitamin C. You spread it on your face, wait 10 minutes, wash it off. Then you move onto step two, the truth vitamin C serum. You apply this to your face and let it sit for 2 minutes to dry down. After that dries down, you apply step 3 on top of it, sit for another 10 minutes, then remove it with a warm cloth or in my case, a warm paper towel.

Verdict: When I was done, my face looked brilliant. It looked as if I’s just had some sort of resurfacing treatment. It looked bright and even, and my pores (what little I have) had disappeared. But look man, that whole process took a half an hour. I don’t have the time or patience for that. Nope, I do not, so I’m likely never to buy a full size of this cause I’ll look at it and just feel tired from looking at it. But if you have the patience to devote to this, it is very well worth it.


Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster ($48-$72).

Influenster was boss enough to send the .5oz size that clocks in at about $25. This was the one thing that I’d really wanted to try for the longest cause I’m serum obsessed. It smells very strongly of citrus which scared the living daylights out of me at first because my face and citrus. It turned out good though. It’s an opaque orange liquid that very thick, it has the consistency of honey without the sticky feel of it.




You’ll need only the smallest amount to do your entire face, and in that regard the pump fails because it dispenses way too much. Luckily it’s not greasy and absorbs so well, it also leaves the skin matte but not dry feeling. I use this at night and in the morning. It’s supposed to support the fading of acne scars and blemishes, as well as diminish wrinkles and fine lines. I can’t speak to the lines and wrinkles because as I’m perpetually frozen at 23, I don’t have any of those. And honestly I can’t say whether or not it’s attacking acne scars or marks in the two weeks I’ve been using it since I was using the Valentia serum previously and that was doing a pretty bang up job of banishing those. So what I’m seeing might be a continuation of that or this is just holding it steady. On the plus side, there have been no adverse effects.

Verdict: I like this, mostly because I’m serum crazy and can never get enough. Plus it smells divine and brightens the hell outta my skin.


Sheer Transformation Oil Free Moisturiser ($14-$65).

I had previously gotten a sample of this from Sephora this past winter and I did not like it then. I think it was mostly because at the time my skin had been waging war on me and it needed to be taken firmly in hand, and this just wasn’t up to the task.



It’s an opaque white cream, and now that my skin is in better shape I find that I can use much less of if than I was using in the winter. I’ve also been using this both at night and in the morning. When I use it at night however, I also use my Indie Lee oil over top of it because I think it’s too light for night time moisture, I mean the label specifically said for day time use so…


It is perfect for day time use though. Like the serum it absorbs completely and leaves you matte without being dry. This also has specific indications for dry skin, uneven tone, dark spots and uneven texture.

Verdict: I like this enough that I’ll use it up until it’s finished, and I may even purchase a new one, but a small one.


Final Thoughts.

You guys know that I hate my summer skin, I moan about it enough. Although black, born and raised in the Caribbean I have an extreme sun sensitivity, I realised a short while ago that it’s because when I was living in Jamaica I was rarely out in the sun without an umbrella and some sort of sun block because direct exposure to the sun for extended periods led to a mild form of sun poisoning that results in blisters, fine itchy bumps everywhere. To this day. The sun in Georgia is close enough to the sun in Jamaica that I tend to stay out of the sun as much as possible.  But these two things are making me love my summer skin. I haven’t had any of the uneven tone or dullness that I usually do. I’m also loving the mattifying effect that it gives to my face because it allows my makeup to stay in place while keeping me moisturised, and I’ve yet to find a dry spot.

Now will these products transition well to the winter? For me probably not because I need so much more during the winter and unfortunately I don’t think that these will cut it, but it seems as if I’ve finally found a summer regimen that works for me. And they’re all sensitive skin approved!


These products were provided for the purposes of review. All opinions are as usual my very own.

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