OK, So We’re Gonna Try This Again: Round 2 With A Tarte Blush Palette. Amazonian Clay Colour Wheel Blush Palette.



Holiday sets are making their way onto the scene slowly, but surely and it’s not even frikkin October yet. Just a note on that by the way. Last year I did almost all of the holiday sets from the majors brands, and to say most of it was a disappointment would be to live in understatement. This year, I’m not doing that. I will most likely get a few of the larger brands, but for the most part, I’ll be sticking with smaller brands, and most of the money that I’ve budgeted towards holiday sets, will probably go towards exploring brands that I’ve wanted to for some time now. Brands like Make Beauty, Honest Beauty and such. Too Faced is completely off my radar because everything looks exactly like it did last year, so…

Anywhoo, onto this here little ditty. You guys know how I felt about the Rainforest Kiss & Blush Palette, the Tarteist LE Blush Palette earlier this year, and just Tarte blushes in generally lately. So what in the absolute hell made me up and buy this? Welp, I figured with this palette they had eight chances to get it right.

The package for this is just like the RF palette and I like this one almost just as much as I did the other. The only thing that I would have changed was the colouring, I find it a bit boring and a tad psychedelic, but I love the retro feel and the overall design.

For $44, plus tax, you get four blushes and two highlighters each about half the size of a regular Tarte blush. Unlike the RF palette, there’s no mirror but instead a two sided compact reveals, when opened, product on both sides. It’s roughly the same size and fits easily enough, if somewhat awkwardly in the hand.




So the two sides of blush  are divided into a cool and a warm side, with cool being on top and warm at the bottom. So that they don’t mingle, there’s a clear plastic separator in the middle of the palette attached to the hinges, permanently. I suppose if you wanted to you could rip it out, but why?






Most of the blushes are matte, thank goodness, with only three of them being shimmery. About the texture of these. I’m starting to think that perhaps holiday sets aren’t such a good deal after all? In order to get as many items to people as possible, while charging as little as possible, a lot of makeup brands outsource to China because manufacturing is cheap. Now while I have no issue with items being made in China (everyone needs to earn a living), it seems as if the quality always suffers. Which I’m kinda of hard pressed to understand, cause if the formula is the same and the ingredients and processes are the same, why then is the outcome so different?

Speaking of hard pressed, some of these are a little bit stiffer than other Tarte blushes I’ve used. The mattes for the most part, tend to be a bit hard and the shimmers crumbled a bit under my fingers, but then some of the mattes did that as well, so the formulas is inconsistent. Swatches below.


Idol (nude shimmer highlighter)

Mod (peachy coral)       

deco (poppy pink)

Surreal (hot pink)

Culture (coral shimmer)



Concept (pink nude highlighter)

Icon (dusty rose)            

Montage (pink mauve)

Ironic (berry rose)         

Crafty (pale pink shimmer)

They swatch well though, if a bit less pigmented than used to, and the one that I tried lasts about as long as the regular ones. As to the colours themselves, I found that I liked the cool side better than warm side, I found the colours to much more pigmented. The warm side is basically a neutral palette. Tarte is new to the highlighter scene and their game isn’t very strong. The highlighters aren’t especially pigmented, my swatches are  a bit heavy.

My favourites are Mod and Culture mixed. Since they’re both quite peachy but it’s a bit easier for me to wear a matte peach without without gold shimmer running through it, but Mod on it’s own isn’t sufficiently bright. I like Icon and Crafty on their own, but mix those as well to get the perfect rosy mauve. Happy to report that this palette is brown girl friendly.


Final Thoughts.

This is a pretty good deal if you’re looking for an all in one blush palette with a good variety of colours. The highlighters are a bit forgettable, but with some elbow grease work well enough. This is LE and contains all new shades so if you’re a Tarte collector this one’s for you. . It’s currently sold out on the Tarte website where I got mine, but it’s still available on Sephora.com.

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