NYX Go-To Palettes.



I for serious wish that NYX would debut all their new stuff at once, you know, to save this princess from having to order like every flippin’ week.

I saw the Go-To Palettes on the site when I went to check my order status, for the last order that I had placed. They look remarkably like the Avant Pop Palettes so at first I didn’t realise that they were new. Like the Avant Pop Palettes, these are $17, but instead of having 12 shadows, you get six, a highlighter, a blush and a bronzer.

There are two palettes, Wanderlust and Bon Voyage. I couldn’t decide which one of them to get. Even though the blush and highlighter colours looked similar, one set seemed slightly darker than the other, so I ended up getting both.



NYX is calling this the ultimate grab and go palette and I wouldn’t really disagree with them except…well, we’ll get to that won’t we?

I’m glad that I got both palettes since the colour scheme for each is very different

Bon Voyage is jewel toned, though in neutral enough colours that anyone should be able to wear them. The finishes range from satin to matte, with no real shimmer shades and I’m thankful for that. You get a forest green shot through with flecks of gold, a satin purple shade, a grey silver and a shade that can only be described as a cobalt blue, and it is brilliant.



The highlighter is a very pretty champagne gold colour, the blush is a peachy-pink coral. The bronzer should be good for light-medium to darker skin tones, and although the camera doesn’t really pick it up, it leans somewhat neutral. If you don’t have overwhelmingly yellow/gold or pink/red undertones, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue I don’t think. Swatches below.




Wanderlust is more of a neutral palette, good for people who are new to colour or for work or a lazy day. It has two pops of colour in a mid-toned peachy pink, and a beautiful wine purple.



The highlighter, blush and bronzer on this one is quite similar to Bon Voyage. But, the highlighter is slightly lighter, the blush is peach with some shimmer. The bronzer is probably more suited to those with light to medium-dark warm skin tones. I haven’t had any trouble with wearing it as yet, but as I get darker this summer I don’t think I’ll be able to use it.




It’s kind of hard to say which of these palettes I prefer, they both have their faults and highlights. I like the shadow colours of Bon Voyage better, but all the shadows are really buttery, with minimal fallout. I like both highlighters since the difference between the two is negligible. Same with the bronzers, however I do prefer the bronzer on Wanderlust because of the more golden tone. Bon Voyage’s bronzer although only a teensy bit darker, is neutral enough on my overly golden undertones, that it made me look ashy and sort of unnatural.

Now lets talk about the blushes. Atrocious, both of them. They’re really powdery with not much pigmentation. They have a very white base, so they both looked as if I had just dusted some powder on my face. The peachy blush in Wanderlust was slightly better but not by much, and since it’s peach, it was destined to never show up on me anyway. I do think that with a cream underneath these may work though. I’ve been meaning to give Benefit’s Majorette a go, so we’ll see how well that turns out. I’m really bummed about the blush in Bon Voyage though, it looks so pretty in the pan. To give you a good idea of the differences and similarities in both palettes, here’s a side by side (but not really side by side) comparison of both, Wanderlust on top, Bon voyage on bottom.



Final Thoughts.

So, is NYX right? Could one of these be your grab and go palette? Well, if you’re willing to throw another blush into the bag, then yes. However, the need to add something to this palette to make it work well, drops it from a solid 10 to a 7.5 in my book, and not just for the texture and lack of pigmentation. The shade choices themselves just kind of suck. The shadows, bronzer and highlighters were curated in a most stellar fashion, but someone dropped the ball on the blushes. Maybe by the time they got there, the creative juices had been sapped. Whatever the case, be prepared to augment your blush selection.

Do you need these in your life? Meeeehh…I dunno. I would skip these and just get one or two of the Avant Pop Palettes. I’m sure you have bronzers, highlighters and blushes in your stash already, so maybe shadows are all you need. Unlike the Avant Pop palettes, I don’t think that these are worth the price point though.

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