New!! Ulta Matte Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette.



I really got this palette because just about everyone was going nuts about it, comparing it to higher end brands and saying it was just as good or better than some. I also got it because I love matte shadows, but I definitely don’t have enough neutral shades. I’ve had pretty shite experiences with Ulta full palettes, the little quads that sometimes come as GWP are generally great, but for some reason the formula doesn’t seem to translate to larger pans.

On the website the twelve shade palette looks very vibrant and saturated, but in person the shades are very muted and not very exciting. By that I mean it’s typical neutral palette fare, there aren’t any shades here that you won’t find in every other neutral palette, matte or otherwise but you still get a nice assortment of transition shades which is always a good thing. It’s a cardboard palette with a very strong magnetic closure that comes with a surprisingly good brush that balances between being a flat brush and a fluffy shader.






For not being very exciting colour-wise, the draw for this palette then should be the price point. Except that it’s priced at only about $15 less than similar palettes from higher end brands at $20. That being said, the colours swatch well and apply well also. I had no trouble blending out most of them, and while they did eventually fade even with primer, it took a good six hours and a nap for that to start happening. All of them have that soft feel of high end shadows. Swatches and colour descriptions below.


  • Amy (light cream matte)
  • Jamie (light warm brown matte)
  • Ashlee (medium warm taupe matte)
  • Tiffany (medium neutral brown matte)
  • Kira (medium rusty brown matte)
  • Courtney (deep rich brown matte)



  • Jaclyn (light off white matte)
  • Julie (light pink matte)
  • Jen (medium mauve matte)
  • Renee (medium plum matte)
  • Kristen (medium grey matte)
  • Cora (deep black matte)

So what exactly was the issue that I had with this palette? Well for one thing it’s overwhelmingly pale, most of the colours are quite light. Which I suppose is fine, if that’s what you’re looking for but for someone of my complexion the slight nuances between all those light shades tends to wind up being missed. Another issue is that while the colours swatch and apply well, I found that on my darker skin tone they lacked depth or vibrancy and just looked all around flat. I’ve used matte neutrals before that look brilliant when applied so I know that it can be done. This palette just falls flat (ha!) in that regard and with the exception of Cora and Kristen it all looks a bit chalky. I did discover as well that trying to blend more than two colours ends in a muddy looking mess so there’s that. Using only two colours at a time is not an issue for me as I have very small eyes that can usually only accommodate two colours, but I’d like to have the option as it were.


Final Thoughts.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this palette. If you’re fair or light toned, this palette will probably work wonders for you. The longevity and silkiness or higher end shadows is there, and possibly the vibrancy and depth as well. If you’re my complexion or darker, I’d say skip it and add the extra fifteen or so dollars to get a better matte neutral palette with colours that will actually compliment your complexion.

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